Mystery Object Reported Over Watertown, New York

A witness reporting the incident to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) recently submitted a report saying they had encountered a strange rectangular shaped UFO while heading to their college on November 15, 2010.  After the incident the witness left the sighting unreported until now.  They describe the incident as the most amazing moment of their life.

While driving through Watertown, New York the witness looked up at the sky only a few minutes after midnight when they suddenly caught sight of something peculiar against the night sky.  After parking their car they saw a strange rectangular object hovering in the sky at the approximate altitude of a low flying airplane.  As they watched, they couldn’t believe what was unfolding before their very eyes.  After looking closer the witness noted that the object was roughly the shape of what could have been an unidentified experimental, but still terrestrial aircraft.  The only problem was the object was simply hovering still in place emitting no sound whatsoever.

As the witness continued watching, the object suddenly vanished out of nowhere.  As though attempting to elude detection as the witness spotted it, the witness then got out of the car looking around for any sign of the mysterious encounter but found none.  A strange occurrence to be sure, but was it extraterrestrial?

The witness’ explanation, which was included with the report suggests that the witness subsequently entertained the notion that the mysterious craft could have been an inter-dimensional vessel allowing the entities to pass in and out of existence as we understand it while maintaining their own subjective form in their own worlds.

But what else could it have been?  It does seem peculiar that the object was flying so low and staying completely still.  Is it possible a terrestrial experimental aircraft could have achieved such an incredible feat of engineering?  And if the impossible were somehow made possible, and the vessel could really turn suddenly invisible, what would it tell us about the occupants of the craft?

There has been some experimentation with invisibility technology on Earth, and it’s possible a balloon held in a single place could perhaps disappear without making a sound.  But what could hold a balloon in place so effectively?  And why test it in such a populated area?  Either this witness’ story suggests something extremely bizarre, or we may soon be seeing (or rather not seeing) invisible craft on the battlefield of tomorrow.  Either way, this witness suggests an incredible turn of events coming up in the near future.  Whether that be a closer contact with an extraterrestrial visitor or some incredible military technology that allows us to become invisible when necessary is yet to be seen.

Strangely on that afternoon no other witnesses reported seeing a similar object.  There may have been any number of reasons for this, but it may have been because the object turned invisible before anyone else could spot it.  Unless this was an incredibly likely optical illusion, something strange was over New York on November 15th of last year.