Mystery Sounds in US Baseball Stadium, Tibetan Cave, and Ukranian City

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We’ve always heard stories of mysterious sounds somehow making their way through the air and Earth, of dark long tunnels leading to parts unknown emanating mysterious sounds, but a recent series of events seem to have an eerie correlation and connection to a secret cave in Tibet said to be guarded by monks and host to a plethora of spirits from another time.  Are these sounds connected?  And why are they appearing in baseball stadiums and over cities now?

On August 22, 2011 a series of bizarre noises suddenly broke out over Tropicana Stadium during a game in front of thousands of witnesses.  Video of the event even prompted the two announcers of the game to comment on the incident as it was going on calling it one of the “eeriest sounds ever.”  As maintenance crews worked to discover the source of the sound, they eventually blamed lightning which shorted out the sound system.  This explanation sufficed for some, but still others wondered how it could possibly have had this effect long after an alleged lightning strike as no storm was going on.  Needless to say the official story gathered more than a small amount of skepticism itself.

Earlier this month in the city of Kiev, Ukraine, a series of mysterious sounds were heard throughout troubling residents and catching quite a bit of attention itself as several Youtube videos were uploaded with users demanding to know what it could possibly be.  After the incident, several came forward to confirm they too had heard the mysterious sounds.  And it was analyzed and itself turned out to cycle with some regularity, often repeating certain “notes” or combinations of notes.

Are these two incidents somehow connected?  And why do these mysterious sounds seem so familiar?  That brings us to the next eerie sounding change to happen in recent history.  Remember the mysterious cave in Tibet we were talking about?  If you listen to the mysterious sounds emanating from this deep cave it’s clear right away that the sounds have an eerie similarity – some would say they are the same in tone and only the actual notes themselves are different.

So the obvious question that comes to mind is what on Earth is going on?  How can these mysterious sounds somehow be emanating from a cave for so long one way and then suddenly change completely?  And that’s not all.  An eerily specific series of posts have been made in several places by anonymous individuals claiming this is precisely how it was supposed to happen – and that the cave is where ancient monks sleep who are now calling the heavens down with their song.

What are these mysterious sounds and why are they manifesting so sporadically over the entire globe specifically in front of large groups of people?  If it is nothing more than a series of coincidences, the timing is eerily precise.