Mystery Surrounds Missouri Cattle Mutilation

Periodically farmers are left with the chilling realization that under the cloak of darkness someone or something has come to their farm and mutilated their livestock for no discernible reason.  These mysterious bovine butchers have been suspected to be everything from an organized group of conspirators who act with precision to visitors from beyond our world who harvest the organs of the cattle and drain their blood for reasons unknown.  And as one farm in Kansas City searches for answers in the latest of these attacks, the mystery continues.

The disturbing butchering of these animals for no discernible reason is only one of the elements of what has had farmers concerned for decades since some of the earliest cattle mutilations were investigated by the FBI in 1979.  Though the results of that investigation left much to be desired for many ranchers, other explanations soon came to fill in many of the gaps.

The cow, discovered on a rancher’s farm in Platte County was found with its reproductive organs removed and all of its blood drained from its body.  The vet that investigated the matter suggested the monstrous deed had been performed with surgical precision and that whoever it was knew precisely what he was doing.  And this isn’t the first time cattle mutilations have occurred in Platte County.  Witnesses soon came forward to confirm that in the 1980s during one of the many cattle mutilation waves of the decade another cow was mysteriously slain under mysterious circumstances.

Theories of cattle mutilations have been around for almost as long as the phenomenon itself.  And if the attacks were being performed by random solitary individuals, the question has always remained – why have none of them ever been caught in the act over these past few decades?  One of the earlier possibilities explored by FBI investigators in 1979 was an unknown cult that used the harvested blood and organs of the cattle for ritual purposes.  The organized nature of the cult, it was said, could have been a key element in their not being caught.

Other theories suggest that a few of the cattle mutilations leave too many questions unanswered to be explained away as simple criminal activity, no matter how organized.  A few of the cattle investigated by experts in the field suggest that the technologies used were of a far more advanced nature than anything currently seen on Earth.  And if we look at the motivations of cattle mutilations, it’s difficult to imagine what a visiting alien race might have.  It is worth noting, however, that on at least one occasion cow’s blood has been successfully used as a replacement in a blood transfusion for humans.  Is it possible even this connection could yield answers?  The subject has been investigated for decades, and it looks like it will remain a mystery for quite some time.