Myth and reality

There has been a lot of debate on whether unidentified flying objects or flying saucers and aliens do really exist or have been sighted. Popular block busters like the famous ET by Speilberg have only added to the excitement of sky-watchers. The sightings and the close encounters on record all over the world fuel the thought of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. The ‘Myth or Reality’ of unidentified flying objects or flying saucers and aliens probes the surrounding space beyond planet earth. There was a popular movement launched called ‘Operation Right to Know’. Within the movement viewers and readers get the opportunity to demand details and the right to probe into the available content. The movies and sci-fi extravaganza that surrounds the issue and our imagination have tapped on our questioning of what can be and what cannot. There has been news of aliens being the cause of the much speculated ‘end of the world’ and all this is only fuelled by sites that are dedicated to adding meaning to documented sightings.

There are a number of dedicated online forums for deliberation on unidentified flying objects or flying saucers and aliens. UFO watchers relate within a league of their own and the end of the world has been a popular topic always, irrespective of whether people feel individually for myth or reality. Unidentified flying objects or flying saucers and alien enthusiasts are known to promote their own theories that many others dismiss as crazy. UFOs and aliens have now become part and parcel of our psyche and lives, worming their way into our everyday market places. There are dedicated games and costumes to our unearthly neighbors and their special vehicles. There are dedicated online and offline sites that cater to the intrigue of believers and make all the recorded information available for public viewing. Whether myth or reality, the ‘Historical Record of Planet Earth’ documents the ongoing contact with extraterrestrials brought to the attention of authorities, through the years.

The questioning of whether the notion of our planet being visited by people from outer space is myth or reality brings on many arguments. While on one hand those personally involved in the sightings swear by what they saw, the questioning authorities shed light on quite a few interesting facts. For one, all accounts of meetings with or sighting of unidentified flying objects or flying saucers or aliens, record creatures with paranormal powers and that of telepathy to communicate. Most documented accounts on UFOs speak of saucer like crafts with lights that do not flicker like the ones on our aircrafts. The aliens met or in abduction cases, all have human like appendages and seem like extensions of ourselves. With so much going around, it is good to enquire: Are the records of unidentified flying objects or flying saucers and aliens myth, or reality? Each one to their own, but scientifically, we cannot deny the fact that just because we have not found evidence of life elsewhere-on another planet or galaxy, we cannot rule out the possibility!