NASA Coversup Pyramids On the Moon

An image from the Apollo 17 moon mission clearly shows what appears to be a
pyramid on the surface of the moon which resembles the pyramid’s found in Egypt.
NASA claims that this photo is an overexposed frame with no relevance. But with
initial exposure correction, and high contrast noise reduction it is clear that
an unnatural structure stands on the moons surface.

The original NASA image does indeed suffer from over light exposure and
noise, but to claim the image is ” blank” is a totally false

It is also said that the pyramid’s are still standing on the planet Mars in
the Cydonia region. If indeed these pyramid’s do exists on the moon and Mars,
this will mean that the three celestial bodies that we have studied in detail,
all contain man-made pyramid’s.

The online “Apollo lunar surface Journal” correctly classifies this
image as a song straw-over exposed frame, they incorrectly cataloged it as being
the last frame from Phil Magazine 135-Golf, taken during the second EVA at
Station number two.

Leo Fishel NASA-LT I online archive makes absolutely no mention of this image
is existence at all space-space not even listing it as a “blank” frame
to account for its absence from their supposedly complete 70mm online”
Apollo image Atlas”

If these pyramid’s do exist on interstellar locations besides Earth, the
world’s population should be informed about it because this will bring valuable
insight to Earth’s history and confirm many scientific claims that the pyramids
located in Egypt were not made by ancient Egyptians.

The staff at Unexplainable.Net has not verified any of the claims within this
article nor performed any research into the possibility of pyramid’s existing on
the moon besides what the video suggests.