NASA Discloses Possible ET Signal… In Odd Place

In a subtle photograph released to NASA’s website, a caption tucked away in one corner suggests the SETI program may have received a message from the stars that could be of extraterrestrial origin.  But then the strange caption then seemingly discounts the possibility moments later.  Why did NASA publish the findings in this strange corner of their website only to marginalize the discovery later?  The find has some thinking it is only the latest in a long string of announcements designed to get people used to the idea of extraterrestrial visitation.

Though the caption admits that no one knows for sure what the source of the signal is, there is a possibility, however remote, that it could be of extraterrestrial intelligence.  It then goes on to say that the bright colors are the visual interpretation of a high frequency radio wave.  It then goes on to list a number of possible other sources it could have come from including stray GPS radio signals.  A single question that immediately comes to mind is why would the picture be released if it was nothing more than just a stray GPS signal?  No doubt many such signals are found each day and would for the most part be easy to recognize by now.  Some have suggested the image came out as an effort to justify government spending on the SETI program, but as it stands now SETI is a privately funded entity in itself that gets its funding from private donations.

NASA then goes on in the paragraph to state that SETI has never received any signal that has proven strong enough or unambiguous enough to provide conclusive proof of an alien radio transmission.  The statement is true to an extent, but doesn’t describe the various compelling events that have come from SETI such as the ‘Wow’ signal and others which, while not proof, have been considered some of the most compelling evidence of extraterrestrial radio transmitters to date.

So is NASA trying to acclimate the public to the idea of extraterrestrials?  If they are, this paragraph would seemingly be coming out of nowhere.  Published on February 6th, the image has received little attention from NASA officials, but has provided conspiracy theorists fertile ground for speculating on the nature of NASA’s relationship with UFOs and extraterrestrials.

If NASA were involved in an alien cover-up in some way, it would certainly be counter-intuitive to let everyone involved in the program aware of the true secret.  The idea of rooms full of people airbrushing photos to keep evidence of aliens out of the picture may seem like a ridiculous fantasy to some, but that’s precisely what some ex-NASA officials have declared.  Donna Hare announced during a press conference that she had witnessed a NASA worker airbrushing UFOs out of photographs to keep the public in the dark about the subject.  But could we be moving toward another climate soon where the human race is gradually desensitized to UFOs pending a massive disclosure?  Only time will tell.