New Crop Circle Amazes Visitors

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It’s no mystery that crop circles hold a very special place in the hearts and minds of a public that at once wishes for answers and a good story.  The allegations that all of the world’s crop circles could have been created by a very small group of individuals worldwide who attempted to garner attention for the incidents has left many with the suggestion that there may be nothing more to the objects than mere conjecture and storytelling.  Still, this fails to explain where the newest circles come from.

And even as the duo says they are no longer operating and have in fact redacted many of their previous claims the mystery formations continue to appear worldwide.  And the newest crop circle, this one in the United Kingdom, is no exception to the mysterious nature that follows these formations.

The field, located near a small community known as Inkpen, by some unknown force was made in the shape of a ring of circles with a long spiraling tail that seems random to some, but to others bears a mathematical significance.  Given that most genuine crop formations bear with them complex knowledge of mathematical principles, circle “decoders” are working to figure out exactly what this particular image is attempting to convey.  Eyewitness accounts provided to the local newspaper Newbury Today indicate that after it was first discovered first dozens and then hundreds of witnesses soon flocked to the formation in the hopes of catching sight of one of the most controversial phenomena seen in the media today.

And with this massive influx of people, rumors would naturally follow.  Many internet forums have been flooded with announcements by those who suggest they had been to the sites and claimed that they had actually picked up crystals in the center of some of the larger circles.  These crystals, according to witnesses, have exhibited strange mystical properties and have been confiscated by private collectors and even shown some level of healing ability.  There is still no official account of whether or not this aspect of the crop circle incident is true.  There are, however, several depictions throughout the history of crop formations where strange totems or artifacts are soon found after the circles are first discovered, usually either in the center of the formations themselves or at significant points in the design.

Other formations have been observed even this year where strange energies seem to influence the formations themselves.  Superheating of the ground beneath the crops themselves are thought to be the source of extremely hot soil and yet the crops themselves are not damaged like one would expect in the case of a hot iron or fire on the surface.  Grains from some of the circles have exhibited strange characteristics, including reacting to magnets and even exhibiting strange electromagnetic properties themselves.

Are there expected to be more crop circles in the future?  One thing is certain, the recent activity has definitely been indicating that the phenomenon of crop circles both as a means of influencing and communicating with humans is far from over.  They influence us to wonder about the universe around us and expect mysteries that are beyond our explanation.  And they communicate to us various concepts, from the purely interpretive to the complex and mathematical.