New Footage of Roswell Alien Surfaces

Footage has arisen that claims to show the Roswell alien once and for all in full dress and talking with a soldier.  But is this Youtube video really something that will live in the history books as the first final footage of an extraterrestrial for all time?  Or is it simply a hoax?  One thing is for certain.  Whatever the subject in this video is, it’s certainly not human.

The footage claims to show an extraterrestrial as it goes around interacting with what appear to be military officials.  Though its mouth doesn’t move, it’s understandable from the area around it that it is not alone.  The fact that it is seen clearly interacting with objects around it suggests it is somehow cooperating with the military officials around it.  Indeed several witnesses have come forward and said this sort of interaction was ongoing.  Of course there is also the legendary “Alien Interview” footage which reportedly showed an alien interacting with a man behind what appeared to be a television screen and a glass window as he attempted to communicate with it.

One of the stranger elements of this footage is how receded back the eyes are.  You can’t actually see the creatures eyeballs for how covered in shadow they are.  And the lack of any reflection suggests even the eyes as they are deep within the creature’s skull are likely black beyond it.  Despite this, it can be seen blinking clearly suggesting the contrast was very high on the footage.  This would be in keeping with the current understanding of the alien “Greys” as they’re most commonly known in the media.  It also has incredibly long arms that reach down past its waist.  It’s difficult to tell the height of the creature as there are few objects around, but the camera does at one point show its proportions by tilting down to show its frame and a rough idea of its skeletal structure.

The creature in the video doesn’t actually appear in any sort of distress as well.  Unlike so many other videos claiming to show an alien this one has neither died, nor been kept behind any noticeable locked door.  Its demeanor is generally happy and it even can be seen nodding at one point – or what appears like it might be nodding.

So is it real or fake?  First of all, let’s take into consideration the film itself.  This is a movie of a movie being projected by an old film projector as evidenced by the sound effects that can be clearly heard of the flipping tape.  This doesn’t outright confirm a hoax has been perpetrated, but might be a good direction to look into if the hoaxer used a stock sound effect for the projector.  And even then it could have been dubbed over the videotape.  In addition something about the footage just seems computer generated.  Look carefully at the eyes when they blink and the way the arms move.  It may not be confirmed, but it certainly looks like a very well done CG hoax.

On the other hand we cannot truly tell what an alien on film would look like this close.  It may very well look to us as a CG movie monster after having seen so many in the past.  Only time will tell us in the end.