NEW!!! NASA Releases UFO Pictures On MARS From Rover Mission

Last Updated on June 3, 2020 by admin

New Released Photos By Nasa Shows A Pair of UFOs flying over the surface of Mars.

True as Day in my opinion.  NASA just posted pictured with UFOs in them today, Thursday February 12th.  Upon close evaluation of these pictures, you can see 2 solid objects hovering/flying above Mar’s surface.

NASA takes 2 snap-shots at a time to compare them for movement.  Out of the 2 identical shots,  the UFO’s only appear in one of them.  It is obvious from the shape, form, position, height, and dimension that these objects are most certainly there.

These objects appear way to high in the atmosphere to be wind debris, and they have been proved to not be moons or planets. 2 identical shots, and the objects only appeared in 1 of them.  Planets don’t move that fast.  The pictures show no sign of wind activity but yet there are still 2 objects in the sky.

Nothing is supposed to fly on MARS..

Picture 1 shows the objects centered in the horizon in this picture

Picture 2 shows the exact place, almost instantly after.

We can monitor these pictures to see if NASA switches them here