New Zealand to Release UFO Files

In the past few months, nation after nation has released its UFO files to the public in an effort to inform the masses and attempt to strengthen trust and cooperation between government and its citizenry.  Now New Zealand is joining that campaign in the hopes that the United States will finally supply a final explanation on the subject of UFOs.

A spokeswoman from the New Zealand Defense Force said in a press conference that the files New Zealand will be processed so that private information is removed, but all other information will be released regarding the UFO encounters submitted to New Zealand authorities.  Of course those following New Zealand UFO sightings will be pleased as this information means the details of the oft reported Kaikoura incident will finally be released to the public for the first time.  Reportedly, for three days the US Air Force made numerous visits to the area, and even patrolled the skies.

It’s unknown if the reason for this will be disclosed or omitted from the final version of the files.  As with many cases of disclosure, the release is coming in response to a Freedom of Information request from press agencies, this time from New Zealand.  The request was followed by a response indicating that the disclosure effort would require a massive amount of resources; far more than the government was at the time able or willing to set aside for this purpose.  The persistent media outlets persevered, however, and soon disclosure was in full swing.

This move is yet another major act of disclosure that’s being looked upon by UFO enthusiasts and the general public as a point of interest when discussing full UFO disclosure in the near future.  In 2009 the Vatican went so far as to indicate that UFOs did not conflict with the beliefs of the Catholic church.  In addition, after water was discovered on the Moon and Mars by India’s Chandrayaan space probe, the likelihood of there being life discovered somewhere in the universe, or visiting Earth from another planet seems significantly more likely than before when it was largely considered a fantasy or something that belonged in a science fiction story more than the front page of New Zealand’s newspapers.

Of course Vicki Hyde, chairwoman of the New Zealand Skeptics, claims the revelation will not be as interesting as some claim.  She went on to say that unidentified objects in the sky didn’t necessarily equate to spaceships under intelligent control.  Of course the question quickly becomes, if a craft is being piloted at such incredible speeds and making moves that are quite simply impossible to current physics, then  is the technology terrestrial?  If this is the case, then the story is just as incredible, as it would allow us to travel to other planets and seek out life ourselves.  Then where are the widespread stories of alien abductions coming from?  While the New Zealand UFO files are not expected to confirm outright the existence of alien creatures, it will add to the backbreaking mountain of evidence that has been accumulated on the subject.  And it will hopefully help those who have encountered these objects realize that regardless of whether or not we are alone in the universe, they certainly are not alone in their experiences.