New Zealand UFO Files Yield Interesting Results

After the release of some of the world’s UFO reports, there is still very little that can be effectively concluded from them.  And such was the case once again with New Zealand’s release of almost 2,000 pages of material where witnesses claimed to have encountered everything from distant lights in the sky to close encounters with alien beings.  And among these are some of the strangest accounts yet.

One witness, submitting his report revealed that he had an encounter with an alien with massive feet that told him about the afterlife.  “When you die,” the alien said, “You turn into hydrogen atoms which float off into space.”  The claim is certainly strange, considering such an act would be relatively easy to document.  But there are other accounts where the alleged beings are a bit more truthful or at least don’t resort to telling stories such as the alien Bigfoot may have.  Some of the accounts include stories of seeing distant aliens on hilltops or being taken on-board an alien craft.  Then there is a fairly interesting depiction of an account had by a news crew while en route over Kaikoura.  The case was later investigated personally by then New Zealand Prime Minister Sir Robert Muldoon.  The account included video footage which depicted an orange orb hovering in the sky in the distance.

After these first few accounts, there are others such as the couple who encountered an alien walking along the side of the road and disappeared before they could get a closer look, a spinning top shaped object which hovered on the horizon, a creature that wore a silver suit and approached the witnesses before they fled, a pilot who reported strange Foo Fighter-like formations at the tips of his wings, dozens of pictures drawn of strange disc shaped aircraft, and mysterious accounts of receiving transmissions from unknown sources.

In 2009 the UK released the Ministry of Defence’s UFO archives.  The varied sources included citizens, pilots, police officers, and military officials.  The MOD’s UFO files were the ones that included an unidentified flying object with arms and legs but with a banana shape instead of a torso or head.  To date it is considered one of the strangest and perhaps most humorous sounding of UFO sightings.

But this release, along with others like it, provided a clear picture of the types of individuals making the reports as well.  Time after time, looking through the sincerely written reports we get a clear image that any of us could see something strange in the skies at any time.  These objects appear to pilots, respected members of the community, politicians, news crews, journalists, doctors, nurses, and heads of state.  Perhaps as usual the witnesses themselves become the most convincing evidence of something unusual going on int the skies.  And even if a few do seem a bit unusual or humorous, the vast majority are sincere, serious, and important to those who witnessed them for a short time.