Newest Sighting of “Formation” Style UFO

An airline pilot south of Tucson Arizona was walking his dogs when he was astounded by a strange object in the sky.  The object was a bright sphere of light, light green in color quickly moving northeast toward him.  Two other spheres, dimmer than the first, were approaching and converging the green object.

“I initially thought it was an airliner heading for the ‘Suns Arrival’ into Phoenix airport,” the pilot, who wished to remain anonymous said, “I had noticed that there were no additional position lights, and the two other objects were dimly lit with a slight reddish silver tint.”  He then noted that it couldn’t be an airliner as it had neither the starboard or port lights required by the FAA.  Additionally there was no white marker beacon, meaning if this was an actual manned craft it was illegal in the airspace it was spotted in.

Then things started to get stranger.  The anonymous observer made a report to MUFON stating, “Once the objects converged upon the brightest, the two dimmer spheres encircled it several times, and then [dramatically] increased in brightness. After several “spins” at a high rate of speed (and it seemed they were accelerating in the rotations) in extremely close proximity to one another, the brightest remained stationary, while the two other spheres accelerated to what appeared to be “pre-set points” to form a perfect right triangle in unison.”

The detailed report goes on to say that the other two spheres broke formation from the green, but then stopped on a dime an estimated 40 miles apart, and at an altitude of 60,000 feet a piece.  The size of the objects, at the distance and altitude described would have been similar to a McDonnel Douglas MD-80 jet airliner.  While he stood and watched, he noticed the dogs around the neighborhood beginning to bark, and a pack of coyotes in the distance howling ominously.  Even his own dogs began to whine and indicate a strong desire to go inside.  The pilot called out his son, who immediately spotted the formation and noted that the three objects rotated in perfect rotation.  After several minutes of watching, he went inside.  A little while later he came outside again, and the “right triangle” of objects was nowhere to be found.  The animals reportedly calmed down after the object left.  There was clearly no sound associated with any of the objects throughout the experience.

“My feelings after watching these objects are of wonderment,” the observer said, “I was amazed at the sheer speed and the acceleration of these objects. It took them maybe 4 seconds to travel from the green object to ‘set points’ estimated at 40 miles apart, and then come to a very distinct ‘on a dime’ stop. The precision and timing of the maneuver was nothing short of amazing. The only odd feeling that [I] had was the [reactions] of the animals. The noises that they were making were not your ‘normal’ barks and coyote ‘yips.’ It was just odd.”

The report is very similar to another sighting recently in Washington DC where a mysterious formation of lights put on a similar dramatic light show for observers on the ground.  It certainly raises a question about who could be piloting these devices, and what they stand to gain by mesmerizing a handful of observers on the ground.  And why did the animals in the neighborhood react as they did?  Was there a sound outside of the human spectrum of hearing that effected the dogs?  Humans can detect sounds ranging up to 23,000 Hz, while dogs can hear all the way to 45,000 hz.  Notable, nearby Tucson is the Davis Montham base where the Blue Book Davis Montham event took place in 1952.

Incredibly, the story of the Montham base incident bears some striking similarities to the one reported just this week.  A pair of shiny spherical objects overtook a B-36, and reduced speed  to match it, staying in formation with it for approximately 20 seconds.  The objects then immediately shot off at 70-80 degree turns in opposite directions perpendicular to the flight-line of the B-36, then shot off toward the horizon, but first hovered silently as though watching the B-36 and its troubled crew.  In neither case was there any noise reported from the objects.