Newfoundland Object Remains Unidentified

Newfoundland’s Department of National Defense is still perplexed by the appearance of a strange fiery object observed by witnesses on the ground and even photographed.  The strange object somehow made it into NORAD’s airspace without being detected by radar.  Documents obtained by one news agency even suggest there is an investigation still ongoing into the object’s appearance and disappearance.

The news corporation CBC has obtained government documents of the incident including photographs of the strange object as it streaks through the air followed closely by a fiery tail.  The object is, according to some, very reminiscent of a rocket while others suggest it could actually be saucer-shaped but observed from an angle.  Since shape of aerial vehicles varies from location to location and is largely a matter of perspective, it is all the more reason for opportunities of speculation and misinterpretation to arise.  Still, many experts in the area of aerial studies have been called in by the department to try to make sense of the incident.

The Department of National Defense’s Directorate of Scientific and Technical Intelligence rejects the notion that the object could be a ballistic missile or cruise missile in boost or flight phases.  He also suggested that the object could not be a rocket from any known rocket launcher.  Though the incident happened on January 25th in the days shortly after the Norway Spiral incident it is still being investigated as an entirely unidentified flying object.  Of course Unidentified Flying Object in the military field does not always necessarily mean flying saucer.

And the story gets even stranger.  Witnesses on the ground suggest that the object was launched along with two others from underneath the water.  And yet the DND’s documents clearly state that the object photographed here does not fit the description of a ballistic or cruise missile.  Furthermore, these are the only two objects that a current understanding of military technology say it could be.  Only ballistic missiles and cruise missiles can be launched from a submerged submarine in the way described by witnesses.  Is there a new type of missile being flaunted by some unknown world power?  Or does the explanation likely originate from elsewhere?  The experts weigh in in an attempt to straighten out this issue.  Of course even if it were conclusively figured out, it could easily fall into the category of national security as it could be a matter of diplomatic and technological interest to militaries of the world.  And if it’s “something else” it’s still quite likely that we may never get the official explanation of this incident.

Is this rocket another failed rocket test by a superpower attempting to keep up with the arms race?  Since the object was somehow not detected by NORAD thought photographed extensively it is being listed for now as unexplainable.  But of course as with any other listing of unexplained phenomena, the January incident in Newfoundland is a breeding ground for speculation in the mean time.  The biggest question may be, why would this object’s appearance remain secret even after the Norway Spiral was officially declared a missile test?  Is there a secret arms race underway?