Notable UFO Sightings Throughout History 2

Continuing some of the most notable UFO sightings throughout history, you will find that anyone from a housewife to pilots to captains have submitted reports regarding an unexplainable experience. In this article, you will read of green beams of light, as well as a record number of sightings within a certain period of time.


Traveling by way of helicopter, several witnesses were present to sight quite an odd occurrence. The passengers, Captain Lawrence J. Coyne, Staff Sergeant John Healy, Co-Pilot Arrigo Jozzi, and Robert Yanacsek, as well as Army reservists, were flying from Columbus, Ohio to Cleveland. When the captain closed in on the Mansfield Airport, he had to alter his flight plan because he was about to collide with something in the air. The aircraft had been nearing an object that was described as being shaped like a cigar, which was also metallic gray in color. The object also had a green spotlight coming from its body.


Witnesses on the ground that reported the same sighting on the same evening cosigned the existence of a beam of light that was bright green in color. This documentation was filed during the month of October, during 1973. This is considered to be the first UFO sighting that involved the description of a green beam of light.


When Captain Cecil Hardin was flying the California Central Airliner a little outside of the Burbank-Hollywood airport, he encountered an object that seemed to approach his craft in a head-on manner. He described the unknown object as being “lighted up.” His co-pilot, Jack Conroy believed that they had come in contact with a UFO that flew below the plane. When reporters asked him about his experience, he exclaimed that the UFO was in view for only a brief moment.


Captain Hardin attempted to provide additional details on the sighting, where he noted that he did not see any sort of fuselage, which he found quite strange. He also told reporters that he did not think the object possessed a propeller either. These reports date back to 1950.


When you are interested in knowing the highest number of sightings that were reported within a certain period of time, the winner goes to the sightings associated with the states of North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota. During 1956, from November 8th to December 2nd, there was a record 85 sightings that were documented. The sightings were reported almost every hour, throughout the day and night. The sightings were also separate instances.


Throughout the 25 days of sightings, the November 16th seemed to display the most activity, where 13 individuals claimed to have seen an object in the sky that resembled a “ball of flame.” The flame ball was described as measuring around three feet in diameter. These reports came from a short time span, occurring over the same area, making these claims more interesting and distinct. Another interesting fact of these sightings was that it also spread across three different states, as if the flame ball was traveling throughout the sky. What could that have possibly been?