Numbers Say Norway Spiral Wasn’t a Missile

A whiz with numbers by the name of Arash Amini has come out with an analysis of the Norway Spiral and why it couldn’t have possibly been the exhaust trail of a missile.  The difference between his conclusion and the conclusions of others like him is that he has laid out the facts in simple easy to understand mathematical format for all those who wish to confirm or deny his claim.

Using the photographs taken of the object, and the distance they were from one another (approximately 912 kilometers at its greatest), Arash has calculated the position and formation of the objects within the photographs and videos and then calculates a three dimensional simulation of what and where the object could have been.  According to the model, the object couldn’t have been a missile spiraling out of control.  The liquid fuel, which the missile allegedly had was not right for the pattern that expanded from the object, but rather a vaporous sort of smoke, according to the math Amini states would have been more likely at that distance and speed.

Several have reacted to Amini’s proposal with alarm.  If it wasn’t a simple spiraling rocket with its fuel letting loose into the atmosphere, then what was it?  Furthermore, if it was an unidentified flying object, was there any significance that it happened just a day prior to a major speech being held by president Obama?  As the argument heats up, Amini offers that it might have been interference of an extraterrestrial nature designed to portend something in the future.  Some have proposed that it could have been a manmade spectacle designed to cause confusion and panic in Norway, but many still contend that the object was beyond anything humankind was capable of creating at the speed and dimensions it occurred at without a massive amount of forethought and funding.  The ripples in the spiral appear to be traveling incredibly fast with too perfect a symmetry to be caused by anything we know of.  In addition, Amini sights the highly unlikely trajectory of the missile if it had been indeed launched from the White sea as was reported by the Russian Military when they alleged to have launched the missile themselves.

After discussing what it wasn’t, would it then be appropriate to discuss what the object could have been?  Some have speculated that it could have been a massive hologram reflecting off one of the layers of the atmosphere or perhaps far closer, reflecting off clouds and the natural moonlight which was shining that night.  In theory, the spiral could have been made up of simple atmospheric particles themselves, but manipulated en masse by some yet undiscovered and unknown weather pattern that created a sudden vortex similar to a tornado but high in the atmosphere.  Such a force, while unexplained, could have been natural or even supernatural in origin.

In such a case, we are struck with the question: If it’s a natural occurrence then why cover it up?  It certainly wouldn’t be the first time a natural phenomena was covered up when strangeness was suspected.  And there is most certainly a need in the uncertain political and diplomatic times we live in to keep any third party from rocking the boat, be they natural or manmade.