Obama’s January Disclosure Rumor

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Every now and again a rumor comes about that suggests a major UFO disclosure event is coming and that the president specifically is going to make a comment regarding knowledge of extraterrestrial visits to our planet.  While the current rumor doesn’t suggest a press conference where one of “them” comes out and introduces itself in front of startled reporters, it does suggest president Obama will be making a carefully considered and planned “off the cuff” comment about UFOs in a speech that will generate interest and pave the way to disclosure in the coming months.  Is this just another ploy to generate interest?  Or is there something to it this time?

Keep in mind rumors like this have been around for at least 30 years and possibly long before that.  Every new president in his first term is under even more scrutiny as announcements made that suggest there may be something going on with the lights in the sky reported daily and the thousands of claims of intervention by extraterrestrial entities.  But far from the usual stock of paranormal scuttlebutt, this claim actually can be traced to a single article which cites an anonymous source from allnewsweb.  If the “off the cuff” comment does take place, the anonymous source will be all the more interesting to look into.  Until then, there is no way of knowing whether this anonymous source is anything more than someone trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the UFO community or if it actually is someone who is “in the know.”

Rumors such as this come about once every other minute, but this one has generated quite a bit of buzz from some individuals who say that different factors are lining up perfectly for a major disclosure event taking place in the next few weeks.  Others say don’t hold your breath.

In 2009 a similar rumor came about and was expressed on the very popular and  radio talk show Coast to Coast AM with George Noory.  Noory expressed his own interest in the subject, but having experienced the bitter sting of disappointment in the past in regards to the cover up becoming uncovered once and for all, he allowed his guests to make their case while remaining relatively aloof  on the subject.  And while it’s tempting to explore the idea, and I’ll be keeping an eye out, this rumor isn’t tempting enough not to follow his lead.  Of course this is also the time that UFOlogists do what they do best , speculate on possibility.

Disclosure by world governments of the presence of extraterrestrials would mean a change to every facet of human existence on this planet.  It’s difficult to imagine any conversation after that point for a period not containing a reference to the mysterious creatures and their motives and impact on the world.  Phone lines would immediately be jammed worldwide as people excitedly contact loved ones to share the news.  The stock market would run the risk of suffering tremendously in some sectors while others, such as research and development, would boom.  Coverage of the event would run day and night all over every news channel.  And the whole world would seem a bit smaller to everyone as we realized that our tiny corner of the universe was only a speck of dust in the vast and suddenly populous big picture.