O’Fallon Mystery Triangle Returns

The Mystery Triangle, first observed in O’Fallon in 2001 and witnessed by several police officers who tracked the object has made several appearances over the years.  And now it appears the same object has been spotted yet again, and appears to have amazed at least one witness who submitted their report to the Mutual UFO Network in Webster Groves.

The witness was traveling south on I-270 just outside of Kirkwood when suddenly a very bright star hovered into view out of their passenger’s side window.  As the witness watched, they came across a turn onto I-44 East and started heading East.  As the witness was heading through very hilly terrain their vision was obscured during this time.  Still thinking little of the strange object, the witness continued on until they reached the edge of the hilly terrain and observed a massive isosceles triangle comprised of three lights hovering in the sky in the distance.  The lights didn’t seem to flash or flicker, but simply remained steady on the object as it hovered there with two of them white and one red.  With hills periodically passing between the witness and this mysterious object, they continued on watching it.  Soon the hills once again obscured their vision and they lost sight of it.  As the witness searched the skies, looking directly up through their windshield, they saw a massive equilateral triangle shaped craft hovering above them.  Though the lights on this object were steady like the others, there were also flashing lights at each corner, pulsing at regular intervals in a counterclockwise direction.

As it passed, the lights began going out until only the light at the nose of the ship remained on and a bright red light spilled out from the center of the craft.  After this the bed light moved into the nose of the ship and then turned all of the lights back on in a clockwise fashion.  Then, the object shot off into the distance at an incredible speed and the witness didn’t see it again.  With some level of humor the witness reports that the radio at the time was playing a talk radio show dealing with extraterrestrials.

The strangest part of this story, perhaps, is the fact that the witness had seen the strange starlike object before, in the same location as this most recent and final encounter on four occasions this year just prior to the changing onto I-44 from I-270.  It’s strange to think that so many of these encounters have taken place in such close proximity to one another.  UFOs are certainly no stranger to the 20-something mile stretch between St. Louis and O’Fallon, but for one witness to see so many strange objects all in the same area suggests something must be going on.  Is it a natural or manmade phenomenon that the witness is simply misidentifying?  Are these objects trying to interact with the witness somehow with this area in mind?  Or is it simply an unexplainable coincidence?