O’Fallon UFOs Return to St. Louis Area

A recent report places a UFO sighting just a few miles from the
location of the infamous January 5th 2000 UFO incident in which several
police officers responded to sightings of mysterious craft in the sky
hovering around Scott Air Force Base.  The sighting happened just
northwest of O’Fallon Illinois in a suburb of St. Louis also called

The event occurred on November 23rd and left the witness (whose name is
omitted) breathless.  The witness had been out hanging Christmas lights
in her yard when she noticed an object hovering in the distance.  It
was a deep shade of red, and brightly glowing at least twice the size
of Jupiter from her perspective.  It was in the southern sky hovering
approximately 45 degrees beneath the moon.

As the witness ran inside
to acquire her binoculars she focused in on the object and realized it
was getting closer.  Returning once again to acquire her camera she
came outside to document it.  Unfortunately, as is the case with
photographing moving objects against a night sky the auto focus was
more of a hindering factor than a help.  As a result the pictures
didn’t turn out very clear and were not included with the report.  The
unfortunate truth  of the matter is that there’s no shortage of blurred
photographs of items in the distance taken by excited witnesses.

the witness photographed the object it hovered directly overhead,
blinked five times, then vanished as though someone had simply turned
off the lights on it.  The witness noted that the object had no
discernable shape, but rather was an amorphous glowing blot of light
traveling across the night sky soundlessly from south to north.  The
entire sighting took about seven minutes.

Of course this area is mere miles from one of the most heavily
documented UFO sightings in the Midwest in recent history with dozens
of witnesses, several of them police officers, spanning several
counties tracking a single object that defied the laws of physics.  The
famous case has been the subject of interviews, stories, and at least
one television documentary.  And to many locals it’s no surprise as
Scott Air-force Base is just around the corner near Belleville in
Illinois.  The area has been a hotbed for UFO sightings for several
years since the incident.

The 2000 incident began with police officers first spotting an object
hovering above Highland Illinois and then following it cross county
until it was reported by dozens of onlookers, police, and personnel
from various branches of the government.  The military denied the
testing of any aircraft in the area that night over the populated areas
the sightings took place.  The object, or one very similar to it, would
return again in October of 2006.

Could these objects be merely the testing of military aircraft from the
nearby Air Force base?  Or could they be signs of another world that
has taken interest in our aircraft technology?  Either way, the
citizens around the O’Fallon area in both states are taking notice of
these objects seen repeatedly in their area, and are sure to ask plenty
of questions until the secret behind them is revealed.