Officer Feels Powerless to Protect Abductee

In Dulce New Mexico, one officer reported feeling entirely helpless when he was assigned to check in on one woman on his shift and she had reported being abducted by aliens in an incident in the 1980’s.  The officer did not believe her at first until he was able to catch sight of not only the beings, but a mysterious craft leaving her property.

As his shift was beginning, he began interviewing the woman as the previous shift of officers was about to leave.  After being briefed on the situation, the Dulce officer noted that no one seemed to be taking the situation seriously.  He couldn’t necessarily blame them.  After all, it was an alien abduction being reported.  How could anything so strange happen in the real world?  As the events of that night progressed, the Dulce officer would see two things that would defy explanation and make a believer out of him.

At first things seemed relatively normal, though electrical appliances in the house were clearly malfunctioning and something was wrong with the dogs and horses as they kept looking around nervously as though they were aware of something the humans were not.  As the officer made patrol checks on her house, in the early hours of the morning he stopped by once again and noticed that she was not up walking about, but rather in the back room crying for help.  He entered the home and went to investigate.  She reported that several beings had entered her home exactly as they had previously.  Unsure of whether the woman was being truthful or simply imagining the whole thing, the officer continued on his patrol.  When he returned hours later he would see something that would change his perspective of Earth, the universe, and everything in or around it forever.

Three oval shaped craft were leaving the area maintaining formation as they rose up from behind the trees and taking to the sky.  The mysterious objects moved in a perfectly uniformed fashion, making it painfully obvious to the witnesses that what they were observing was not a weather balloon or any known phenomenon.  As the craft took off they noted the size of each ship, and noted that each of them was approximately the size of a two bedroom home.  And he wasn’t alone.  The dispatcher apparently witnessed the sighting as well.

It’s incredible to think something so distant and impossible, that could simply be dismissed as a hallucination could suddenly come rising up from the forest exclaiming to these men that something unusual really was going on.  But what were these beings doing visiting the woman that night?  And why were they shining a laser on her?  What did the bizarre ritual accomplish?

The witness may have been skeptical prior to his harrowing encounter, but there is no doubt once you see something so incredible that though you may doubt your memory, you cannot question the existence of some incredible things without questioning your lying eyes first.