Official Tally: UFO Statistics Showed Sharp Incline

The official statistics for 2009 are in, and they show that overall UFO sightings increased more than 300% in number than 2008 when it was already on a sharp incline.  Experts say the primary reason UFO reporting has been increasing so much is partially due to the increase in awareness of “where” reports can be sent.  And speaking of where to submit reports, it appears several government connected UFO reporting systems have been shut down in favor of more transparent privatized reporting firms.

And those who have been following the 2009 cases will note that they have been dramatic to say the least.  In addition to the usual alien abduction cases there have been several strings of cattle mutilations, grey sightings, and a whole host of new alien types that have allegedly invaded our space.  These creatures ranged from a massive insect-like praying mantis creature to a genuine sounding and almost touching story about a mysterious tripod that wandered from room to room in a large factory attempting to make contact with a friendly janitor who was perplexed by its appearance and the more sinister forces that seemed to follow the entity around.  And of course there was also the story of one woman who, while watching television spied three aliens with cone shaped faces staring in at her from outside her window.  And of course mingling with these reports we brought to your attention were several that were more “standard” in form, but by no means mundane.  Overall it seems the UFO stories submitted this year in addition to being more numerous than previous years also held with them a greater weight of veritas as the witnesses showed more sincerity.

A 300% increase in UFO reports means that with the increase comes a considerable amount of strain on the resources of UFO reporting centers such as NUFORC.  The MOD, which shut down its UFO reporting project this year also indicated the sharp incline, setting the number of reports that had passed through its organization officially at 643.  Experts say the last time this many UFOs were sighted and then submitted to the MOD was in 1978, but as the project was shut down early, many are saying that number would have shattered the previous record easily had the project been kept open until January 1st of 2010.  Many are suggesting this UFO storm is only just beginning, and is a precursor to some sort of UFO disclosure.  But if this was the case, where is the disclosure?  It seems almost as though these claims are more faith based than actually based on facts and reason.  And of course the question does seem to be on everyone’s mind, what will the statistics for 2010 be like?  And it seems like we’re off to a grand start.  In the first few hours of 2010 several UFO sightings happened just as celebrations began to ring in the new year.  No doubt 2010 will be a record breaking year, shattering even the once thought impossible numbers of 2009.