One of the Earliest and Strangest Cases of Alien Abduction

One of the strangest and most famous alien abduction cases is somehow rarely mentioned these days even though in the 1970’s it was most certainly major news.  Some consider the case to be a story far too strange to possibly be real while others point to the fact that the witnesses have never changed their stories or attempted in any real way to gain money from them, but merely had something very strange happen to them one night that left them forever changed.

It all started in 1973 in Pascagoula Mississippi.  Two experienced shipyard workers, Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson, were fishing while sitting on a dock when suddenly a large egg shaped object lowered itself into their field of view about 40 feet away.  As they watched it, it blinked blue lights at them that reminded them both of police car lights.  As they watched, the object hovered closer to them, finally hovering above the dock as they backed away slowly, transfixed by what they were seeing.

Suddenly, a door shot open beneath the egg shaped craft, and two beings approximately five feet tall walked out.  The entities had bullet shaped heads, crab-like hands shaped like mittens, and carrot shaped appendages where the nose and ears should have been.  They also had slit-like mouths and no eyes.  The witnesses watched in shock and were seized by the two creatures and taken aboard a ship where they were then examined by these creatures using a floating eye-like contraption.  Inside the vessel, the two men described everything as being very bright, as though everything in the ship was somehow glowing.

After the two were examined, they were both dropped off.  Parker was observed by Hickson later standing out staring into the water in a sort of trance.  They both contacted the Air Force, then the Sheriff, who told them to keep the whole thing quiet.  Still, the story got out and now it’s one of the most bizarre cases in UFO history.  It also came about around the same time as the Betty and Barney hill case just a few years prior.  Shortly after Parker and Hickson reported their experiences, UFOs were being seen by people all over the world.

Strangely, the story doesn’t seem to follow the typical “Grey Alien” type of encounter experience.  These creatures were clearly very different from the usual races of aliens encountered in UFOlogy.

Were the sometime bizarre alien races that visited the Earth part of a bygone era of alien diplomacy and exploration on this planet?  Why were there so many bizarre looking aliens in the past, and why have they given way to the two or three alien races that currently are reported?  And what purpose would such a race have in examining human specimens?  The lives of these two witnesses, Hickson and Parker have no doubt been changed forever by this experience, though they haven’t cashed in on their experience.  They want nothing more, so it seems, than to be left alone.