Orbs of an Island Healer elemental to UFO encounters

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Vancouver Island Holistic Healer Haiah Kingsbury has produced an extensive catalogue of Orb photography. Photo: Haiah Kingsbury“All of a sudden there was a lighthouse in the middle of the forest”, explained Vancouver Island Holistic Healer Haiah Kingsbury during a one-hour interview featured in a new episode of The Secret Message Report , Podcast Edition.
Ms. Kingsbury was discussing her extensive catalogue of Orb photography
when she volunteered details of a childhood UFO incident that took
place while growing up in Beaurepaire, Quebec. The wide-ranging
interview covered a variety of related topics including near-death experiences, out-of-body travels and visits to the ECETI UFO ranch along with an “initiation” into Aboriginal culture during her time spent working in Australia. The Secret Message Report , Podcast Edition is the paranormal talk radio podcast
from former CBS Radio feature producer, Jon Kelly that focuses on
consciousness studies, communications research and cultural evolution.

HaiahsHealing.ca uses a Pay It Forward approach to providing online information access for web audiences exploring issues related to natural healing.
Following the principle that “Knowledge empowers one to make
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ranging from Herbs, Naturopathy, Acupressure, Sound Therapy and Water
Therapy to Reiki, Reflexology, Qi Gong, Chinese Medicine
and Massage. The site explains how, “Today, with the great changes
taking place on our planet, we are going back to our roots and realizing
that, once again, healing is the medium between the spiritual and
physical body. So part of this “hands-on” therapy is the chance to bring
problems to the forefront and acknowledge that they need dealing with.”

Forbidden Knowledge

During the interview, Haiah Kingsbury told the Secret Message Report
audience the story of a mysterious childhood encounter that led to a
personal healing for her. “As a child I’ve always believed that
something was protecting me. I don’t know why. I was never a frightened
child but I was always the type of child that always felt very confident
in [herself] because I knew something was protecting me.”

Regarding the cultural climate in the community where she grew up, Ms.
Kingsbury reflected that, “The first 12 years in my life, it was in a
farming community. Mostly large families, hard-working. There wasn’t
really much of an outlet [to discuss mystical experiences], no. And I
had a tendency to be a loner as a child. I would share maybe with one or
two of my friends, but no, it just wasn’t. A few adults I would make a
comment to, but they always said, “Well, let’s keep it to ourselves.” I
really never talked a lot about it. I think it was kind of a taboo
subject [while]growing up.”

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