Organic UFO Sightings

UFOs are understandably far from explained.  But some have speculated over the years that even if these ships were of extraterrestrial origin, they may actually not all be artificial in nature.  In fact many sightings of UFOs have an eerily familiar look to them – such as flying jellyfish or squid.  Is it possible that our skies are being invaded partially not by beings from outer space, but by beneath the sea?

These organic creatures, which often appear in circumstances as broad and unpredictable as the more conventional UFOs associated with them are usually far more mysterious than the artificial constructs said to be either controlled remotely or piloted directly by extraterrestrials – partially because the creature seen emitting light and floating over a field or abandoned stretch of highway is said to be itself an alien held aloft by some unknown means of propulsion.

Numerous questions immediately come to mind when these creatures are involved, not the least of which is their means of travel, their dietary considerations, and their longevity.  If a creature were traveling at even near light speed toward a distant star, it would not only have to have a considerably resilient and self sufficient biology to allow it to survive in the void of space, but an incredible longevity as well.  And of course there’s the matter of the escape velocity of whatever planet it was coming from as well as our own.  If it wished to go into space it would have to either have some means of reducing its mass considerably or using whatever source of propulsion it had to generate the speed needed to escape the planet’s gravity.

But these physical questions and limitations do little to dispel the reality seen by those who have encountered these beings.  Last year we brought you a story of one witness who reported to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) who claimed to have encountered a strange bioluminescent jellyfish somehow floating above her car.  The witness was under the impression at the time that the creature, wherever it came from, had somehow mastered the ability to travel outside of space and time in another dimension which allowed it flight and the ability to travel significantly faster than it would under normal conventional means.

And the organic UFOs aren’t merely large gelatinous vaguely aquatic looking creatures off in the distance either.  So called “rods” have been photographed for years with high shutter speed cameras and yet have rarely been seen with the naked eye.  Skeptics say these creatures are nothing more than ordinary insects, but those who photograph them say the film does not lie.  And what’s more they have been photographed by cameras high above the planet’s surface where no known insect could survive and even in space.

So whether these organic UFOs are part of a greater conspiracy or themselves part of the same phenomenon as the artificially constructed vehicles is yet to be discovered.  But one thing is certain – if they are here they certainly picked a strange way to travel.