Oxford Mississippi Family Buzzed by UFO

A mother and two teenagers driving home from a school function on
Saturday were shocked as an object appeared in the sky above their
minivan.  The object was spotted as the group was traveling home from a
school oriented event and were driving along a rural road when suddenly
the son exclaimed, “It’s… a spaceship!  Mom!  A spaceship!”

daughter, sitting in the back seat suddenly leaned forward and caught
sight of the object as well.  After seeing the awesome spectacle in the
sky above their car she was moved to tears and quickly bordered on
hysterical as it hung in the air.  The mother was unable to see more
than the reflection of a golden object on her windshield, and had to
focus on driving.  As a result she missed the object and was unable to
confirm what it was, or more accurately what it was not.  Still, the
other two witnesses when they got home were absolutely certain at what
they had seen.  It was gold in color and roughly disc-shaped with
several lights on the bottom. 

“My son (was) twisting around
in his seat so much to continue to see this thing, that I fleetingly
(wondered) if he is going to give himself whiplash.”  The sighting was
the only one reported that night by MUFON in the area, but the
witnesses both said they got a clear look at what it was.  When they
got home, the mother told them to go to separate rooms and draw the
unidentified flying object exactly as they had seen it.  They did so,
and both images correlated exactly to one another.  The strange
sighting seemed to have a lasting impression on both youths as they
took great care while drawing the object to draw it exactly as they
remembered it.  The central globe was surrounded by several smaller
spheres of light which were arranged around the disc.

At first
the mother was convinced the object must have been a plane banking to
land, but then soon realized she hadn’t heard any sounds related to a
jet aircraft making a sharp turn.  The had not, in fact, heard any
sounds related to aircraft whatsoever.  The silent floating object
remains a mystery, but the three are of the opinion that it may have
actually been a spacecraft from another world.  Of course the mother
wishes their identity to remain secret and so their names and
occupations will be kept secret.  Still, the incident has left a
lasting mark on all those involved, and the mother simply wishes to get
answers.  So often peoples’ lives are disrupted by the sight of
something that flies in the face of all they believe in and works so
far outside what they are prepared to accept.  It’s easy to understand
how witnesses to such events can be left with lasting fears that follow
them for months or even years afterward.  One can only hope the answers
one day will become public to help ease their fright.