“Parallel” Truths

 When scanning the consciousness of the field of UFOlogy, it seems a large portion of people describing the events covered by their visitors and captors cite a government cover-up.  In addition, there have been thousands of personal witnesses who claim under oath, under hypnosis, and while being scanned by lie detectors that there is not only an active presence by alien entities on this planet, but that “the government” is covering it up.  But what does this mean?

When exploring possibilities it is important to open up to ideas without necessarily committing to them.  We can explore concepts that even we disagree with as long as we take only information and not sheer conjecture away from the experience.  It is with that in mind that we must set out to explore this concept of “government cover up.”

First we must examine what exactly the “government” is.  Likely the conspiracy doesn’t reach every facet of government employment.  It’s likely the post office is unaware of the details at Roswell or Area 51, though it may be necessary for one or two members within it to have details and permissions to deal with these issues should they ever arise.  It’s likely most government agencies as well as branches of state and local governments are kept from any direct knowledge of alien contact.  And those that are informed are likely informed of what I’m going to term “parallel” truths.  These parallel truths exist with the purpose of having an infrastructure set up like a machine that can ensure certain policies are undertaken without the requirement of decision makers who are informed of the big picture, or with a parallel big picture that almost fits.  Let’s take any ideological opponent an organization must contend with and apply this principle and see how it works as an example.

Let’s say a local geological survey team notices an unusual amount of radioactive material around an area where a shooting star was previously discovered.  Convinced they may have discovered a radioactive meteorite, they contact their superiors who in turn check the policy on such a find.  Because of the nature of the discovery the military is called in to ensure locals remain safely outside of the radius of the falling object.  If the discovery remains secret, anyone uncovering “truths” of the area may find at different levels a number of things.

As one looked they may hear any of a number of explanations.  One could be a radioactive meteorite.  Another could be an accident that results in the area having a higher level of background radiation.  Still a third could be an experimental aircraft that crashed.  Which is the truth?  The beauty of the policy is that no one would know, even as they were hauling the object away, other than those few who actually directly loaded a mysterious object into a truck bed.  Even they could be misled into thinking it was a recovered spy satellite.  And when lies don’t work, intimidation and rigorous training to be silent under all circumstances could be implemented.  A story could even be leaked after the fact that the object had been an alien craft, and witnesses can even come forward to make claims even as the thoroughly scrubbed area has been completely decontaminated.

Even as investigators searched the area they would find it impossible to use inferior training and equipment 30 years behind to discover any evidence outside of the official story.  And even those who would be willing to try could be discredited and silenced in the event that a one in a million chance finding took place.  The fact that militaries worldwide are able to keep their technologies so secret is a testament to the ability any nation has to cover up even the most involved and advanced secrets.  It stands to reason, then, that the lack of military revelation of witnesses and evidence is any indication that there is nothing to the claims of extraterrestrial presence on this planet.