Peckman Writes Open Letter Regarding UFOs

The UFO community’s Jeff Peckman has drafted an open letter to President Obama over the UFO phenomenon and its cover-up.  The controversial letter uses a respectful, but strong voice intended to remove doubt from the president’s mind and encourage him to pursue the truth regarding this matter.  Response to the letter has been different from different groups, but the UFO community has largely declared its support for full disclosure.

It begins by declaring that for over 60 years there has been a proverbial ‘Berlin Wall’ standing between the public and those who hold the secrets regarding UFOs and alien visitations.  It then moves to say there is a strong resistance that several in the public have had to deal with while trying to uncover the truth about UFOs.  “Those who dared to escape this prison and expose the truth have been threatened, harassed, assaulted, and worse, by agents of the U.S. Government.”  Peckman declared the letter as an official appeal to end this embargo on the truth which has outlasted most others.  By most estimations, the UFO cover-up began at least at the Roswell incident.  Others declare the cover-up has lasted far longer, going back to the time before the Civil War and possibly longer.  Regardless, even if it had only started after a mysterious craft was recovered at Roswell New Mexico, it has remained secret through 13 different presidents, including Bill Clinton who tried to investigate the matter but officially declared that he had no luck with it.  When asked years later if he had been able to uncover anything, Clinton admitted that he had been unable to find anything, but with the compartmentalized nature of the military something could have easily been kept from him.

Peckman’s letter goes on to compliment president Obama’s first year in office, and quoted the president’s memorandum regarding public secrets, “The Government should not keep information confidential merely because public officials might be embarrassed by disclosure, because errors and failures might be revealed, or because of speculative or abstract fears.”  The president’s words have often been quoted as sufficient reason for an official inquiry into the UFO phenomenon, and Peckman wastes no time in reminding Obama of it.

He furthermore declares that official polling indicates that the largest hurdle of UFO disclosure (the public’s reaction to it) has already been mostly taken care of.  It has been demonstrated over the past ten years of polling, that a majority of witnesses believe that life does indeed exist elsewhere in the universe and a considerable portion of those believe that the Earth is being visited by these beings.  The letter closes with a quote from Ronald Reagan to Miguel Gorbachev with a twist, “Tear down this wall of UFO secrecy.”  There has been no official response to this letter, but several countries around the world are disclosing their UFO files for the first time in years, but the greatest disclosure, according to many, is yet to take place.  And that disclosure, many say, will change the world forever.