‘Peeping Tom’ Alien Sighted

In recent months several reports of “peeping tom” type alien greys looking in through windows have been reported including this most recent grey entity spotted in Florida just south of Townsend just last Friday.  The creature’s sighting hasn’t reached mainstream news, but has reportedly left at least one family in shock since it was last seen.

It all started about 10:30 PM as the witness (whose name shall be omitted) was watching television in the living room of their house when they suddenly got a mysterious sense of déjà vu.  The sensation was a familiar one to them, and an unnerving one at that.  “Something is coming,” suddenly flashed in the mind of the witness alarming them greatly.  The witness had just been talking with a friend about the recent bout of déjà vu they had been experiencing, but this most recent sensation was the greatest one yet.  As they got up to check the window they were shocked by what they saw standing outside.

It had to be at least seven feet tall, since the window was relatively high off the ground.  It stood there as though it had been staring at the witness for a great while.  It was clearly wearing grey and had a very large head, but the witness couldn’t make out any details of the face in particular as it only remained for a split second before immediately running away.  The witness reports incredibly that they did not feel fear.

They also reported that somehow they felt protected, though it’s not clear if they felt protected against the creature they saw or if the creature itself was the one offering protection.  Still, as they went outside they noticed how clear and fog-less the night was, and how the nearby road was entirely clear of traffic.  Perplexed by their experience, they went back inside to consider what they had witnessed.

It was not, however, the only paranormal experience someone in the area that night.  Two hours earlier, a driver coming back from Naples Florida reportedly saw what they thought at first to be an incredibly bright star hovering in the northeastern sky.  As they continued along, the star became brighter and clearly moved over them blinking on and off with several other lights.  As the driver continued along, he watched the object continue blinking until it eventually maintained a steady golden light and headed off to the southeast, where two hours later the experience with the grey being would occur.

Though an actual alien sighting being reported is relatively rare in comparison to the numerous UFO and hovering light sightings reported, they have recently seen a steady rise in recent months.  Of particular note of the reported alien sightings are the “interloper” type sightings where a witness will be going about their day only to notice later a mysterious being is actually looking in on them from outside their house.  Of course Stan Romanek in Denver has even gained quite a bit of fame for his alleged video footage of an alien being peering through his window.

The question remains: What are they looking for?  And if they have such powerful technology why don’t they cloak themselves somehow?  Perhaps their cloaking mechanisms malfunction sometimes, or certain types can see through them.  It seems these creatures, whatever they are, are merely curious onlookers that wish to observe us.  At least for now.