Pelicans Drop Near Unidentified Submerged Object

In the world of UFO sightings there are some distinct features that make the phenomenon all the more bizarre when seen.  This latest sighting by one witness from Chesapeake Virginia of a mass of dead pelicans seems to suggest the same type of perplexing mystery that we saw once before earlier this year in the United Kingdom.  But unlike that scenario, this flock of dead birds was far larger and has seen no attention in mainstream media.

As the witness was driving toward New Jersey on the 12th of November, he looked out the window as they approached the Chesapeake Bridge and noticed -of all things- a pelican mysteriously struck down by an unknown sudden force.  As they slowed their car down to look closer they saw more pelicans.  As they continued crossing the bridge the slew of dead pelicans was quite large, and they appeared equidistant from one another as though they had been flying in some sort of formation before suddenly dropping dead due to an unknown influence.  Thinking the incident was strange, they checked the bodies of each pelican as they passed by it and noticed none of them were mangled in any way.  The distance between the bodies was so regular that they were able to look at each one in turn as they passed it and were able to even predict the next one before they would inevitably pass it.  The witness describes their arrangement as if they were almost “strategically placed.”

Looking out over the water the witnesses then saw a strange glow from within the water as though something were in it.  The strange glow was comprised of four lights all arranged in a diamond shape.  As the witnesses continued on, they couldn’t tell what the strange object was.  It was for all intents and purposes a USO or Unidentified Submerged Object.  Looking into the sky they noted how there were no clouds and the entire area was lit up by the stars and the moon.  Though they didn’t see anything strange in the air, they couldn’t help but wonder as they passed the bridge what that mysterious object in the water was.  The witness, upon doing their own research, suggested that there had been several sightings of unidentified flying objects in the area that night, and indeed in Massachusetts and New York a search on UFO databases from both the Mutual UFO Network and the National UFO Reporting Center yielded startling results, though the specific diamond shape was not discovered.

Due to the nature of the object beneath the water it’s difficult to determine what exactly was going on that night or what the witness saw.  The presence of dead pelicans is fairly reminiscent, however, of the discovery of a flock of Starlings in one woman’s garden just as she was getting home.  The birds apparently suddenly died with no known cause.  And there have been other mass deaths of birds entirely unaccounted for.  But could this mysterious glowing from the waters have prompted such a death?  And how would it do this?  Though the answer eludes us for the moment, we will have to wait to see if others come forward with similar sightings from the area.