Phil Schneider’s War

Phil Schneider is very well known in some circles as the man who killed two alien greys.  His story is highly contested, but it’s one of the most dramatic and perplexing stories of alien contact that involved not only contact, but combat between humans and extra-terrestrials.  The story is presented here simply as an exploration of alien contact claims and has not been verified.

Phil Schneider claimed to have been a structural engineer working with the branch of the government dedicated to the interaction between humans and extra-terrestrials.  In addition to bearing witness to incredible feats of structural engineering, he claims that he actually witnessed a conflict between two alien greys and forces underground at a secret location in the Dulce Air Force base.  The encounter, according to Schneider, resulted in the deaths of 66 humans and both greys.  Schneider says he lost two fingers and sustained considerable injuries from the conflict.  Because of his Level 3 security clearance, he and the only two other survivors of the conflict were treated in secret and sworn again to secrecy.

There is no shortage of claims that there are massive underground bases housing an alternative alien technology and development system.  But the lack of evidence has brought forward many skeptical inquiries into both the Schneider case and the concept of alien development labs as a whole.

Still, though it isn’t proof there were strange circumstances of Mr. Schneider’s death.  Facts on the details of Scheider’s death are difficult to obtain, but once discovered confirm that he was found with a rubber hose wrapped around his neck three times.  For a long time this was a source of contention as an unknown source was changing Schneider’s official cause of death to “stroke.”  It has since been changed to suicide.  Still others suggest Schneider was murdered.  In addition, his room was ransacked and several items of evidence he had used in lecture to support his claims were found missing.

Though this is incredibly suspicious, can we really use it as evidence for the verification of the rest of his claims?  The subject is one of fierce debate.  A hero to some, and a villain to others, Schneider’s claims have been fiercely contested and defended even long after his death.  Among his claims, Schneider says an intricate system of tunnels has been created underneath the continental United States using drilling technology that utilizes lasers, making the drilling process far quicker and more effective than anything the public understands.  He also says the relationship between humans and aliens is by no means a friendly one, and that a coming conflict could result in the end of life as we know it.

But then again, Schneider’s story is one of the most incredible ever claimed.  The vast scope of the projects he speaks of are far beyond what many suggest a simple department operating out of Area 51 or something similar could be.  There are forces at work in Schneider’s vision that appear far too vast to possibly cover up.  But he suggests there is a whole new world beneath this one being built every day dedicated to the study of these extra-terrestrials and a near constant conflict between them and humans.