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HTML clipboardOn Wednesday, April 16 at 5 PM MST, and repeated on Monday, April 21
at 9 PM MST (Monday’s show airs in Denver only), The Isle of Light
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The guest is Phillip H. Krapf – Pulitzer Prize winner and author of
“The Contact Has Begun: The True Story of a Journalist’s Encounter
with Alien Beings”. He also wrote the sequel called, “The Challenge
of Contact: A Mainstream Journalist’s Report on Interplanetary
Diplomacy”. Glenn Rickert, Multidimensional Field Theorist, is the
host of this very enlightening show entitled, “Extraterrestrial

Phillip Krapf speaks of how he was first contacted in June of 1997 and
taken aboard an extraterrestrial spacecraft. He also shares his
straightforward account of what happened during this and his following
visits, details on what these benevolent beings called the Verdants
were like and why he and a few others on Earth (some are Ambassadors
and others like Phillip are called Deputy Envoys) and have been
selected to present this information to humanity now.

Philip Krapf revised his book, “The Challenge of Contact” in 2002 to
include important information he received — that full public
disclosure about ET contact was supposed to be made in 2002 but was
put on hold because of what occurred on September 11. His publisher,
Byron Belitsos, states in this second edition:

“Of course, this historic communication became obsolete on September
11, as you will learn in this book. Because of this tragic news, and
in order to fully update our readers on the effect of 9/11 on the
human/alien contact mission, Phil and I have decided to bring out this
new edition of The Challenge of Contact. The book is extensively
revised, featuring new front matter, a lengthy new chapter, and new
appendices. Its main contents remain the story of Krapf’s second visit
to the alien ship, which was first presented in the earlier

Phillip H. Krapf worked in the journalism field for 30 years as a
photographer, reporter, copy and managing editor. He spent the last
25 years of his career at the Los Angeles Times on the Metro Desk and
shared in a Pulizer Prize as a member of the Metro team that covered
the L.A. riots of 1992. Phillip has been written about in many
publications and appeared on radio and television shows including The
Art Bell Show and Fox TV. Phillip Krapf also spoke at the Global
Wings Conference in August 2002 in Denver, Colorado on “The Challenge
of Contact – Establishing Diplomatic Ties with Extraterrestrials”
with a workshop on “Exploring Personal Alien Encounters”. He can be
contacted by email at [email protected] or you can visit his website
at http://www.thechallengeofcontact.com.

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On Monday, April 14 (aired in Denver only) is the repeat interview of
F. Holmes “Skip” Atwater – Research Director at The Monroe Institute –
and the topic is “Living with Guidance”. Brenda Cleveland, Creative
Goddess, is the host of this very intriguing show. “Captain of My
Ship, Master of My Soul: Living with Guidance” is Skip Atwater’s
latest book which he speaks about during the show. It focuses on how
Spirit works to guide us during our lives. He writes that everyday
life is a mere reflection of spirit experienced as an intention to
become aware of All That Is. Skip shares his personal and spiritual
experiences in his book which includes his childhood experiences, his
work with Robert Monroe at the Monroe Institute, out-of-body
experiences, remote viewing and much more.

F. Holmes “Skip” Atwater also spoke at the Global Wings Conference in
August 2002 in Denver, Colorado on “Hemi-Sync and Remote Viewing” with
a workshop on “Basic Remote Viewing”. His websites can be found at
http://www.skipatwater.com and http://www.monroeinstitute.org.

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