Philosophy Of Wormholes, Space Travel, And Alien Visitation

The physical plane which we consider reality is just like electricity 

Theres an Up and a down, positive and negative. Frequencies, radios, even our brain pulses follow similar patterns. Our bodies are surrounded by invisible waves at all times…

Now with the help of magnetic fields and such, One could create a “wormhole” using their own brain, (and amplifying equipment.)

As you see, theres a tunnel that connects two seperate points together.

A person can physically pass through a wormhole and end up in a new physical location. Just as planets and light travel through black holes..

When objects are sucked into a black hole, IT don’t come out the other side. It teleported through the walls of space.

While these “wormholes or portals” can be made by Mind power, they can also exist physically. SOme believe a Portal exists in the bermuda triangle area.

Does that make any sense sofar?

Now when you look at this picture, It resemples a slinky.. You know. The metal Slinky that can go down steps..

Our plantes orbits and revolutions are actually slinky like. Excuse my paint drawing..

These slinky like designes are actually Spirals.. ALot of life follows the rule of the SPiral..

And slinkys can Stretch and Compress. Just like space. A “FAR” object can be broughten closer by pulling space into you.

I think it is possible to go in one end of a wormhole, and Come out the other at an entirely NEW time and place in space.

They key to making this Portal exist and Usable lies in Frequency Generation.. This whole universe in like a HUGE electrical circuit. Everything is controlled by Magnetic Fields, and Energy.

The only way to counter act this “Magneticlly Controlled Reality” is to create a magnetic field of our own to counteract Space’s Electrical Properties. Only than can you modify the Universal Circuit

WHen UFOs and Aliens travel, I think there are 2 major types of crafts..

1: The glowing crafts or the Mother Crafts.

These ships can teleport and produce Electromagnetic fields. This is why when UFOs are seen, amny electricl devices dont work. These ships also carry the small transport ships.

2: The small transport ships that are carried through time by the MOTHER teleporting glowing ships.

Wll there ya have it.. I can go more deatiled, But I can’t make it simplier. Thats the whole senerio I am trying to point out. I am not saying im Correct, but thats my belief anyways.

In Conclusion, My final statement would be

“The Universe Is Dependant On Frequency Schemes”


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