Photo: Hillary Clinton Carrying Book on Aliens

Image Credit: Clinton LibraryAn incredible revelation has just been unveiled regarding the visit Hillary Clinton took to Laurance Rockefeller’s Rance in 1995 to discuss many topics. This information comes now thanks to UFO researcher Grant Cameron who runs a website on Hillary and her relation to UFOs.  This photo also confirms that Clinton likely discussed matters of extraterrestrials with the billionaire UFO enthusiast Laurance Rockefeller.

The photo in question shows Mrs. Clinton walking alongside Mr. Rockefeller, and tucked beneath her arm is a book entitled “Are We Alone” by Paul Davies.  The book is an attempt to get a firm grasp on the UFO phenomena and what it means for today’s society.  The duo spoke of many issues in foreign policy, but it seems the most interesting will turn out to be the work done on UFO disclosure.  After Bill and Hillary Clinton met with Rockefeller, they received an official letter from him outlining a recommendation for an analysis of Alien and UFO material within the government and the express amnesty extended to individuals within the government who have information regarding extraterrestrials from any previous oath they had taken.  In addition he calls for disclosure of UFO related materials to the public in the interest of spreading faith in the government from the public.  It seems if UFO disclosure was going to happen at any point in the 1990’s, it would have been just after Rockefeller sent this letter.  Unfortunately, a fickle and uninterested media didn’t get behind the program and it lost momentum and ultimately never went anywhere.

Still, Bill Clinton did make an effort toward some level of disclosure, but was simply blocked, some say, by the intelligence community.  Still other say it was a passing interest, but according to several documents and letters passed between Rockefeller and the Clintons, as well as their science adviser John H Gibbons, the Clintons were serious about alien disclosure.  Several times since then Hillary has made mention of UFOs in a number of her speeches, most notably her vexation at the images of extraterrestrials destroying the White House and her hopes that the world will come together without the need for an alien invasion as a catalyst.

It is unknown if Hillary was given the book by Laurence Rockefeller, or if she had brought it to read in the slow moments between what were no doubt highly interesting discussions.  Either way, it serves as strong evidence to suggest the subject of alien visitation was discussed somewhere during her visit.  And it was a visit that would prove to be very fruitful in moving US policy towards one of disclosure, but unfortunately it seems the government as a whole was not ready enough for the massive change.  Hopefully the world will have more luck with the current administration, but several political analysts and UFOlogists are considering the discovery of this photograph alone a grand stride in the direction of disclosure.  Special thanks to Grant Cameron for making it possible.