Plot Thickens on Alien Base Expedition

Nikoli Subbotin (above) is one of the top researchers on the Alien Base expedition which Dr. Uvarov believes was the launching point of a weapon which destroyed the Tunguska meteor.Top Russian UFO researcher Nikoli Subbotin is going to be leading a team of 15 to the Yakutia territory, where he believes he has tracked down a group of secret underground alien bases thanks to a translation of ancient Tibetan scrolls.  The scrolls indicate that an ancient race of ‘visitors from the stars’ used this network of bases as a sort of “Defense Grid.”  How they did this is not clear, but Subbotin and his team of experts hopes to find out how, if the scrolls prove to be correct.

The internet has been abuzz with the story of Mr. Subbotin declaring his intentions to lead an expedition into these bases, but where did this theory originate?  Meet Valery Uvarov.  Mr. Uvarov is a well respected individual who speaks excellent English, and was even invited to the Rockefeller sponsored Alisal Ranch Event.  He also has a very interesting take on the Tunguska event.  The global defense system, described by Uvarov is not a military application at all, but rather an ancient system to protect Earth from being destroyed by meteors.  Perhaps the massive explosion that occurred over the Tunguska river in 1908 can finally be explained, as well as the increased radiation and mysterious sightings of flying craft around the area, and the air-burst causing trees to be flattened for miles.  Perhaps the weapon housed in Siberia was finally deployed.

It’s no secret that ancient texts all over the world have always held a treasure trove of reports that will often read like modern UFO reports at times.  For example, the Vedic literature of ancient India spoke of the Vimanas, ancient flying machines brought to earth as a gift from the gods that came from the stars.  The Mahabharata described several of these seemingly magical devices along with others such as the weapon which Bhisma detonates, scattering enemies and allies alike in a fiery conflagration that bears an incredible resemblance in scope and description to a nuclear weapon.  It was Arthur C. Clarke who drafted the third law of prediction, which comes to mind when dealing with the idea of ancient aliens, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”  Perhaps when Vyasa transcribed the events in these battles, magic was used as an easier to understand explanation for the skies being ignited from a small canister hurled into the ranks of the enemy.

The sparsely populated Yakutia territory has always been filled with stories of travelers running into mysterious creatures and spotting lights in the sky.  The famed dwarf mammoths are rumored to still travel this territory, along with Yetis, and a number of other creatures not known or accepted by the mainstream.  The Vilyui river, along-which the bases are located is known to be the largest tributary of the Lena River in Eastern Siberia.  The expedition will have a cold journey ahead of them, though no official time of departure has been announced as of yet.  Nikoli Subbotin was born in Perm City, Perm Krai, Russia and is most well known in the Russian UFOlogy community as an investigator of the crash which happened in the Tien Shan Mountain range in China and reported to be an unidentified craft of alien origin.  It is currently unknown who else will be in Subbotin’s team.

If the speculation that these were once part of a network of alien bases that helped in the defense of the planet, then what will Subbotin find?  It has the makings of an epic adventure tale, or a terrifying horror movie.  Needless to say, it is of great interest to a number of paranormal researchers around the world, and will be far more if he does uncover something.  For those of us who will remain behind on his expedition, we can only wish Mr. Subbotin a fond udachi.