Police Encounter with UFO in Texas

A police officer just north of the Dallas Fort Worth area reports seeing an unidentified flying object hovering in the distance on the 23rd of September shortly before midnight as he patrolled the streets on the lookout for burglars.  As the officer noticed an object in the distance, he raised his binoculars, thinking it may be a military aircraft.  What he witnessed next, however, would prove to be something quite different.

The object was roughly saucer shaped, and interestingly had red white and yellow lights blinking off of it very similar to a police car’s lights.  As the witness continued to watch it hovering in the distance, he was struck by how peculiar it was as it hovered silently and completely still in the distance.  As a jet aircraft moved into the area the mystery craft then suddenly darted out of the way as though letting the aircraft pass before returning to its original position.  As the witness watched, he noticed it was moving occasionally very slowly across the sky.

Unsure what he was seeing, he found a tree branch growing out of the side of an old dead tree and used it as a reference point to observe when and in what direction the object was moving.  He observed it hovering left and right in reference to his position and then up and down on several occasions over the course as he remained watching the object for a half hour while staked out.  Unable to figure out what the mystery craft was, he did record some of the object on his phone to examine later, but because it was a distant lit object on an otherwise clear night, his camera didn’t capture very much.

Interestingly, five days later in Rockwell Texas another object would make a visit to a local shopping center.  This unconventional looking aircraft did possess wings and a tail, but according to the witness it was able to make a full stop and hover as it soundlessly glided across the sky just above the shopping center.  As several witnesses congregated on the area where the object was hovering, no one was sure what it could be and the reporting witness decided to call 911.  The operator suggested that it could be a military aircraft, but no word on the actual model has come forth.

The witnesses, some of which lived just North of Fort Worth’s Army Airfield and had no doubt seen countless aircraft during the course of their lives were completely at a loss for what the object could be.  As they watched, the hovering object seemed to stall and looked almost like it was going to crash before suddenly turning and moving off into the distance.  Whether this second event was merely an unusual conventional aircraft not widely known or somehow related to the disc shaped object spotted five days earlier in the same area is unknown.

You may remember the series of sightings that took place just north of and around Dallas Texas.  It seems whatever was visiting then may once again be making an appearance.