Politician Claims Extraterrestrial Ancestry

We always expect the strangest from the world of politics, but one claim by a Labor politician may just go beyond the norm when he says his own mother was an extraterrestrial.  This of course calls to mind the case of another British government official who in recent history made the startling claim that he had seen an extraterrestrial in broad daylight and that they walk among us.  So is there anything more to this odd claim when he says his own mom is out of this world?

The Labor council contactee says his interactions with extraterrestrials will not have any effect on his job of representing Stakesby ward on the Town Council for Whitby.  Of course this was after he had revealed his belief that his real mother was a nine foot tall green alien with eight fingers.  The strange encounter allegedly happened when he was only eight months old.  The creature he described looked almost like one of the standard greys reported in several alien abduction cases, only it was green and far taller.  Strangely enough, Simon reports that this is not actually his earliest memory, having others that project all the way back to before he was even born.

Anyone recalling a memory from when they were eight months old is difficult to imagine.  Still, the Councillor was completely straight faced when he spoke in a candid interview with a team of researchers working with the Anomalous Mind Management Abductee Contactee Helpline (also known as AMMACH) in August of 2011.  But while some commenting on the video have found the scope of the claims made to be staggering, others aren’t so sure.  It’s the chillingly candid way in which Simon relates stories of his experiences that has left some viewers mystified and wondering why a city servant would come forward with such an odd tale while simultaneously working in politics.

And if his candid mannerism doesn’t lend credibility to his claim, maybe the fact that he’s not the only politician sharing experiences of this nature will.  Council member Adrian Hicks shared a story that he had met an alien in 2004.  Years afterward, he eventually became very outspoken of extraterrestrials and their presence on our world.  And he’s not the only one.  Kirsan Ilyumzhinov shared his story of being taken aboard an extraterrestrial craft to speak with visitors from another world – and was reelected in 2010 as president of the World Chess Federation.  Ilyumzhinov was also president of the Republic of Kalmykia from 1993 to 2010 and an award winning chess player himself.

And of course there are also politicians closer to home that have over the years spotted UFOs and even their occupants.  But the strange object reported by Ronald Reagan in 1974 hovering in the sky is a far cry from a council member who claims to have been descended from an alien.  Interestingly enough, the reports by the council contactee from Stakesby are reminiscent of more than a few abduction accounts where there is a very strong spiritual, rather than technological focus to the creatures in question.