Possible Abduction of Greyhound Bus

The inconveniences of travel are certainly in no short supply.  Between baggage, sleep, stiff legs, and rowdy fellow passengers it’s easy to see how a trip could quickly turn a vacation from relaxing to stressful.  But what if the vehicle you were traveling in were to suddenly find itself in the midst of an unidentified flying object?  And what if you along with all the other occupants involved were to see a UFO or be abducted?  A report coming in to MUFON from a bus driver suggests just this possibility.

In 1993 a bus driver working ferrying passengers from Phoenix to Las Vegas noted a peculiar object hovering in the distance.  As he continued to watch, he writes that he worked to convince himself that he was witnessing nothing more than a helicopter hovering in the distance.  But the way the object was hovering didn’t seem like a helicopter somehow.  It had triangles at what appeared to be corners and then another light on its surface.  As the bus slowed while approaching it, the object suddenly took off and shot up above the mountains in the distance in a matter of no more than two seconds.  Amazed he looked to the passenger next to him and asked what they had just witnessed.

The object had moved a distance of approximately fifteen miles in a matter of seconds, meaning it would have accelerated to 27,000 miles per hour then come to a complete stop as it hovered above the mountains in the distance still emitting the same lights.  And the amount of careful piloting to perform this maneuver above a road with obstacles all around would have no doubt been of considerable difficulty for any occupants onboard as well.  Had the craft been accelerating conventionally with an onboard crew to even half this speed all occupants would have been killed instantly due to trauma.  It would have been like smashing into a brick wall on a motorcycle a hundred times over and then some.  But somehow this object managed to pull of such an incredible feat and then stop once again which would have been equally traumatic for the occupants of a conventional craft.

The driver noted the peculiarity of the events and turned to the awake passenger sitting next to him asking what he had just seen.  The passenger was at a loss, saying he had no idea what had just happened.  As they continued driving along the driver tried to convince himself for the rest of the trip that nothing unusual had happened and that the craft was completely conventional.  Though they were making good time and with no unscheduled stops, the driver also noted that after the experience the bus and all those involved in it had lost an hour and a half of time.  Often lost time, when associated with sighting a mysterious aerial phenomenon is associated with alien abduction.

Though his wife was with him at the time, she was asleep.  Somehow, despite the fact that the driver and the passenger were both clearly disturbed by what they had seen the strangeness of it all made it so they refused to talk about it afterward until now.