Potential Alien Conspiracies

It’s common to use the words conspiracy theory when dealing with the UFO phenomenon.  But if an alien race were to be involved in a conspiracy theory, what would this likely entail?  And is it possible aliens are actually activists in their own right?  Or are they more likely to have intentions completely independent or even more disturbingly – detrimental to human existence?  The idea that aliens may be operating under a central rallying banner of conspiracy is almost as old as the term “flying saucers” itself.  But what conspiracies would they be most likely to involve themselves with?

One thing that keeps coming up in the alien narrative is that they appear to have some interest in human beings.  And if this is the case, there would certainly be some interest in keeping humanity alive on this planet for whatever reason.  If the destruction of humanity were achievable and desirable by these creatures it is possible they could have used their technology to unleash any number of apocalyptic scenarios on the planet with even a modest amount of planning and a small force.  The only scenario involving humans that would not involve our preservation in this case would be if they were simply here to observe our progression.  But if this were the case, they would almost definitely be aware of the effect a UFO narrative was having on the creatures they were observing and they would work to minimize proof or coverage of their existence.  They would also, however, be interested in removing the means by which humanity could achieve its own destruction – namely the use of nuclear weapons.  And there are plenty of individuals, including many members of the military, that suggest just that scenario has been playing out with aliens visiting nuclear facilities and even disabling their nuclear ICBMs.

Additionally, it seems foreseeable if any alien visitors were to want to visit Earth that they would want a fairly static global political system where war would be unlikely to get out of hand.  They would likely still allow war as a means of enacting change, but would try to keep larger wars out of the question for political leaders.  Such a program would likely include limited contact with global leaders and could happen entirely through surrogates that would not necessarily reveal themselves as aliens.  In fact, the entire method of control could in theory be achieved without political leaders even being aware of an alien presence on the planet.

Another program designed to preserve the human race could be the less desirable backup program designed to keep humanity alive even in the event of nuclear devastation.  Such a program could be achieved through the clandestine harvesting of genetic material or through the permanent capture and transplantation of Earthly individuals to another possibly off-world location.  Of course several people suddenly and mysteriously disappearing would likely be noticed, so it would have to be done in a way that was perfectly explainable and without any air of mystery about it.