Press Event Regarding Alien Nuclear Interference

An international press event held in Washington to reveal a series of UFO related events where extraterrestrials were seen to interfere with nuclear facilities run by the United States Air Force.  Reaction to the conference has been varied as any UFO related press conferences inevitably are, but the prospect of alien interaction with nuclear facilities has left many people asking questions and suggesting the event warrants a level of maturity and serious inquiry uncharacteristic of the media’s handling of the subject.

It’s quite a different story that warrants much different reaction.  If a flying saucer appears above a highway and two people are brought aboard and subjected to medical tests, it’s perhaps understandable why several people would take the report with a grain of salt.  On the other hand, when several top ranking officials from the Air Force, in charge of the same nuclear weapons capable of ending civilization as we know it claim to have encountered an unidentified craft hovering above nuclear facilities and using technology beyond what we can understand, it would be irresponsible to not listen to the claim, no matter how strange.  Military officials at nuclear facilities have been trusted with the most powerful weapons in the world.  They are considered some of the most well adjusted and highly trained credible sources in the world thanks to the weight of their incredible responsibility.  So when several come forward and report in a serious tone matters that are simply unexplainable and at once deeply troubling, why is the matter still dealt with by media anchors with the same light hearted dismissal?

There is a serious problem when the UFO phenomenon (or stories of it) and nuclear facilities get involved.  Consider the following three scenarios.

As one CNN anchor put it in her improvised commentary through questioning while the event was reported, there is a strong opinion among skeptics that people who see UFOs are “crazy” or “hallucinating.”  The witnesses involved are people in charge of nuclear weapons capable of destroying entire nations.  If people in charge of these weapons were to begin hallucinating that craft were moving in close to their facilities and hovering in plain sight at close range even while disabling the warheads, then the serious breach of security this creates is cause not only for concern but alarm.  Are so many people in nuclear facilities no longer in charge of their mental faculties?  What if this collective neurosis were to somehow manifest in the form of a belief that the order to launch had been given?  Granted, it’s very unlikely that this scenario is true, but it could be considered an inverse to the “incredible claims require incredible evidence” quote by eminent astronomer and physicist Carl Sagan.  Only in this case it is not evidence, but a circumstance that either way requires serious attention.  Vapid commentary and jokes are therefore wildly irresponsible and short sighted in this particular case, particularly by people who consider themselves responsible professionals.

The other scenario is actually less extreme.  If there were craft (not even extraterrestrial craft, but top secret and capable of perfect maneuvering) disabling nuclear missiles through an EMP system this too would change the world.  The very existence of such a craft would almost certainly end the threat of global thermonuclear war.  Existence of such craft could be the cornerstone to the next twenty years of history and perhaps the fate of the human race itself.

And the third scenario is simple enough; Aliens are coming down and interfering with our nuclear weapons for reasons we do not understand.

So any way you slice it, the announcement that several craft had been spotted performing this highly technical act is very important to the world.