Project Blue Book Warning

 From: Bill Cooper

To: All Serious UFO Researchers


******************************************** WARNING….WARNING….WARNING…. **********************************************

First let me give you my background so that you can evaluate this communication as any good investigator should always do.

United States Air Force 61-65 1) Strategic Air Command

United States Navy 65-75 1) USS Tiru (SS-416),

2) USS Tombigbee (AOG-11)

3) Naval Security & Intelligence Group, Camp Carter, RVN (Vietnam

4) (Operational Investigation) Uss Charles Berry (DE-1035) Reported to ONI

5) Staff, CINCPACFLT (Member Intelligence Briefing Team) (POIC Pacific Fleet Command Center) Reported to ONI

NOTE! During my stint at CINCPACFLT (Commander in Chief Pacific Fleet) I held a TOP SECRET SI security clearance (the highest at that time I thought until I saw the highest). I saw and handled every message and or communication which was sent or received during my watch. As a member of the briefing team it was my job to compile information and help brief the top brass including CINCPACFLT every morning on all events which happened during the last 24 hours. I can safely say that I know things that you cannot even imagine. If you think that the government and or the military is honest with you then you are without any doubt a fool. They could never be completely honest even if they wanted. I really wish I could explain but I cannot ever do it.

Since leaving the military I have worked with several civilian organizations which are connected with the Defense Intelligence Network. It would not be smart for me to divulge their names or function. Suffice it to say that they exist and I worked for them.

I left the Intelligence community in 1980. I attended college in Long Beach, California where I obtained a Degree in Photography. For 3 years I owned and operated ABSOLUTE IMAGE, a gallery and studio of Fine Art Photography. I sold this business and joined the Education Business.

Airco Technical Institute Admissions Representative

Adelphi Business College Executive Director

UES Corporate Marketing Executive

Pacific Coast Tech Executive Director

NOTE! Just recently I was visited by Intelligence Officers and accused of attempting to make known information concerning UFOs that had come into my hands during my military ser vice and specifically concerning MJ-12, Majic, Aquarius, UFO, Bluefly, Moondust, Snowbird, and others. Allegations which I (of course) flatly denied. This took place the day after a lengthy phone conversation with Stanton Freidman. Other things happened which made me decide not to play with these people and from my military experience I knew I could not win. I cannot ever divorce myself from the Intelligence co mmunity or my obligations to them. Th e consequences would be very grave indeed for me and those who rely upon me. I wish to make it very clear that I am absolutely loyal to the United States and do not desire to do anything which would endanger the National security. I also have an obligation to mankind and the earth and will try in every LEGAL way that I can find to expose what I know to be a cover-up of the true facts by the U.S. Government and Military establishment.

************************************************ WARNING….WARNING….WARNING…. **********************************

When I read the introductory letter from The New Project Blue Book several things leapt out from the page. The first was “Inspired, and name-approved, by the United States Air Force”. The Air Force has no interest in investigating any UFOs except for the ones the y have under lock and key and the only purpose the New Project Blue Book could have is to function as a GREY DISINFORMATION OPERATION. It can only be a PSYOP (psychological operation) aimed at the whole population. The second thing, after I recovered from the first shock was the name “Project Blue Book”. This term is already familiar to the American people and is commonly accepted as “the official UFO investigative arm of the United States Air Force” (Government). The third was “are sworn to uphold any secret, or sensitive, information, which comes to our attention in the search for the UFO information, and to with-hold any information which could be considered to be detrimental to the security of our country”. Secrecy is the whole reason that nothing every comes to light and every trail leads to a dead end. The fourth was “Therefore, any source may feel free to offer information to this office and know that the information will be confidential, and reporter -anonymous”. Thes is guaranteed to prevent anyone from c hecking the facts behind and Blue Book finding. The fi fth striking revelation was “The new Project Blue Book is not an Air Force-funded agency, but is, by design, a civilian agency-of former military personnel”. I have worked for several civilian agencys-of former military personnel and in every instance they were an extension of the Defense intelligence network. (Did any of you listen to the Iran- Contra hearings, for example?) All of this was in the introductory letter.

The release held even more surprises. The first paragraph alludes that it is not only “name approved” but is “the United States Air Force Investigative Arm for Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO’s)” which has been “reorganized”. This is a blatent attemp to mislead the American people into thinking that the New Project Blue Book is in fact the original PBB which has only been reorganized. The last part of the sentence includes a statement that must be a Freudian slip of colossal nature and reads “comprised of (but not limited to), present and former, Air Force and other U. S. government AGENC Y personnel”. (Emphasis mine) The term Agency personnel is almost exclusively reserved to mean Intelligence community or Intelligence agents and is similar to the CIA use of the word Company. The last sentence states that they “will study future UFO sighting reports, but devote further indepth studies of the older, classic, sighting reports”. Otherwise termed diversionary tactics.

Paragraph 2 seems to be innocent enough but continues on a diversionary note.

Paragraph 3 is revealing also. “will be directed by industrialist Bill Pitts, a veteran investigator for all (all?) civilian UFO organizations and various government agencies”. What Government agencys were investigating UFOs and why does the Government denie it if Mr. Pitts does not? Again a deversionary statement “team will re-evaluate the older reports” etc.

 Paragraph 4 continues with “earlier sarcer-era sighting reports”. Why the obsession with the old stuff when the most grea test flap in history is taking place right now?

Paragraph 5 is potentialy the most dangerous and could result in the loss of hard evidence and exposure to the Intelligence community of anyone who wished to step forward and reveal info from government service. The appeal to those type people seems to be designed to accomplish just that end. For example the loss of metal samples taken from the Zamorra- Soccoro landing site.

Bryon Smith’s ending letter also has some nice tidbits. “Bill…….has decided to make Paranet his Comput er Link information system.” With Jim Spiese r’s permission I hope. Paranet is now an official disinformation disemination facility and AFOSI and NSA are laughing their heads off.

Also in this ending letter is the statement, “I will not quote his words here concerning a subject that is all ready sensational and highly controversial”, which is a direct reference to the MJ-12 and or Lear (which is 50% corroboration of MJ-12) material and divulges the entire mission of the new Project Blue Book.

With the Air Force approved name Project Blue Book, Ai r Force cooperation, investigation of the old classic cases, appeal for hard evidence and release of the “gag restriction” but only with PBB, and ridicule of the MJ-12 investigation along with who knows what else, AFOSI and NSA has pulled off a coup of monumental proportions. In the public’s eye They will now become the official Air Force spokesman (meaning for the government) and the rest of us will be fringe loonies. If you doubt this then you do not know the Ame rican people. They will listen only to th e constituted authority which is Project Blue Book.

The Intelligence Officer who dreamed this up and made it a reality is a genius and should receive a promotion (he/she probably will). If Ufologists fall for it they are dead and so is our only hope of ever solving this phenomenon.

Going after MJ-12 is the answer. I know this to be true but I cannot reveal to you what I know or how I know. I checked with my contacts within the Intelligence Community and my assesment of the new Project Blue Book is right on. Those of you who also have Intelligence contacts are encouraged to verify.

I encourage you to read my background again now before reading the next paragraph then I encourage you to read the next paragraph very carefully.

I firmly believe that the U.S. Government has in its possession several craft which are commonly described as UFOs or Flying Saucers. I firmly believe that The U.S. Government has in its possession several bodies of Alien beings called EBE’s. I firmly believe that one of these craft along with the bodies was recovered from a small Island off the Norwegian coast during the 70’s. I firmly believe that the first ones were recovered in this country from New Mexico and that this incident resulted in the establishment of MJ-12 to oversee the proper usage of the discovery and to maintain absolute secrecy. I firmly believe that attempts were made in New Mexico to fly recovered discs and may have been successful. I firmly believe that other craft have been recovered in the United States and in other countries. I firmly believe that the MJ-12 material contained in the Lear text is correct. I have no knowledge whatsoever of the other material contained in the Lear text but believe that in light of the MJ-12 documents and the reputation of Mr. Lear that it should be investigated and not dismissed out of hand. I firmly believe that the original Project Blue Book was a diversionary tactic to passify the population. I firmly believe that the condon report was a setup to justify the demise of the original Project Blue Book and lay the issue to rest. I firmly believe that the issue did not die as planned. I firmly believe that part of the Intelligence Community would like to expose MJ-12 but the majority does not. I firmly believe that the research and ultimate release of the MJ-12 documents by the research team of Moore, Shandera, and Freidman hit the target dead center and the Intelligence Network is seriously concerned. I firmly believe that the new Project Blue Book is a brilliant scheme implemented as a diversionary tactic to again pacify the population and relegate everyone else to the unofficial or fringe loonie catagory. I have great admiration for the person or persons who created the concept. All of the above constitutes my personal and private belief in the matter of UFOs and Flying Saucers. Any response to, or questions regarding this document should be posted on the message board of Paranet Alpha or Compuserve E-mail.

Bill Cooper

They do me wrong who say I come no more When once I knock and fail to find you in; For every day I stand outside your door And bid you wake, and rise to fight and win.