Project Hessdalen

With calls for another official investigation into the subject of UFOs, many in the United States are suggesting the matter requires more objective research.  And yet a government organization dedicated to the research of the alien phenomenon has been around for many years.  Project Hessdalen in Norway says it’s gradually getting closer to an official explanation for the mysterious global phenomenon.

Specifically, Project Hessdalen is an organization dedicated to a specific region of Norway where the lights have been appearing for year.  On their website they list the possible names for this phenomenon as Earthlight, Min-Min Light, or the wordy Hessdalsphenomena.  The research of Project Hessdalen raises an important question about unexplained aerial phenomena.  Though the Hessdalen lights may appear similar to foo fighters or will o’ the wisps, are they all different phenomena?  Or are we unnecessarily attributing differences to similar phenomena by claiming they are each unique according to their region and local folklore?

The project has not only observed some incredible aerial phenomena, it has captured it both on video and on camera with its 24 hour running observation platform that scans and surveys the entire Hessdalen valley.  Images have shown dancing lights hovering and moving around the night sky in formations and at speeds far too fast for traditional aircraft, and has even captured massive floating objects (seen as large balls of light) hovering and passing overhead.  The footage, while it could theoretically be a hoax to provide false evidence to those working on the project, is breathtaking to an outsider.

The phenomenon of lights in the sky hovering and providing incredible aerial displays predates more modern images of what the UFO phenomenon may be by centuries.  Ancient myths and folklore have always stated that unknown lights or stars dislodged from the heavens have hovered, stopped, moved around the sky, and even landed on the ground.  Of course though mythology often deals with symbols there are others that suggest something more may be going on.  Even in World War II, the foo fighters seen following combat planes into enemy territory provided both a scare and a mysterious comfort to pilots.

And the lights have been observed as recently as January and May of this year.  The Hessdalen official reports indicate that on January 11 in the late hours of the night an object hovered lit up like a Christmas tree as it soared overhead before disappearing into the night.  Then in May a massive light was observed hovering stationary in the sky before moving away over the course of approximately a minute before vanishing.

These phenomena, while certainly not the most dramatic, are clearly documented and establish there is something more to the Hessdalen phenomenon than simple stories.  Due to the efforts of the researchers there, some incredible footage has been documented.  Perhaps most importantly is the fact that this research has paid off with incredible evidence, providing a road map for future investigators.  Perhaps more official investigations will bring about even more compelling evidence.