Psychic medium describes UFO contact, afterlife secrets

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Psychic Medium Karen Gresham spoke to The Secret Message Report.“I worked about 10 hours a day
interviewing hundreds of coal miners who had personal experiences with
UFO’s” explained psychic medium Karen Gresham, speaking live from her Dallas, Texas
offices. The one-hour interview is featured in the latest episode of The Secret Message Report , Podcast Edition.
Referring to events told in a 1988 book by authors Danny B. Gordon and
Paul Dellinger entitled Don’t Look Up: The Real Story Behind the Virginia UFO
Ms. Gresham described how “When the psychiatrist
called me asking if I would take this job, she said she didn’t believe
that she had this many patients who were hallucinating. She believed
there had to be something to it.”

Karen Gresham offers professional services to individuals,
entrepreneurs and cultural creatives, using her intuitive skills to help
people recognize signs and symbols speaking the language of spirit in
their everyday lives. Her services include strategic consulting,
clinical hypnotherapy, readings, photo readings and personalized audio
CD’s attuned to the frequencies of one’s higher creativity.

Regarding the Virginia UFO sightings, she stated that “One [of the
miners] would tell about how he would ”¦ take out the trash and he would
see this tin-looking thing ”¦ [T]here were all colored lights going
around in a circle ”¦ [H]e didn’t think it was from this world.”
Regarding the personalities of the witnesses, she recalled how ”These
people were very sweet ”¦ You knew they weren’t lying. They were very
child-like in their explanation of what was happening.” She also noted
that “A lot of CIA agents were combing those mountains and checking
everybody out.”

Afterlife secrets

Eastwood’s Hereafter
may show audiences a glimpse of what
happens to people when they die, but psychic medium Karen Gresham says
there’s much more to the afterlife than what the movie revealed. It was a
teenage premonition of death given in a dream that showed how her
mother was to die a year later.  “The dream told of my mother’s death in
terms of ritual symbolism. My mother was portrayed standing in water,
like the Afro-Brazilian
goddess Iemanja
. Due to her medical condition, my mother actually
died by drowning although she was being cared for in a hospital at the
time of her passing.”

Iemanja is an orisha of Espiritismo, an Afro-Brazilian
spiritual path
with roots in Yoruba religion and Catholicism. The
orishas are similar to the various gods and goddesses of ancient Greek
and Roman society as well as the pantheon of deities found in classical
Hinduism. One source describes Iemanja as the “divine mother, divinity
of the sea and loving mother of mankind, daughter of Obatala and wife of

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