Re: Song of the Greys and Jane Waters

This article is a reply to “Song of the Grey’s and Jane Waters”. The original article is located https://www.unexplainable.net/artman/publish/article_2984.shtml

I read with great interest Jane Waters article, “A warning like no other to Mankind” which I found quite fascinating. I came upon it quite by accident while doing some research. I found her observations regarding Nigel Kerner’s book, “Song of the Greys” equally fascinating and a book that I had never heard of before. I would also like to add that I met Budd Hopkins in the mid-70’s in New York City and I myself have dabbled in the UFO phenomena as well. 

I must say, although I find Mr. Kerner’s hypothesis valid on many levels I cannot say that I agree wholeheartedly with his conclusions although they are certainly interesting ones. However, I would like to address some very unusual points regarding Jane Waters original premise and her perceptions (and possibly others as well) that all that is happening politically and socially to some extent may indeed be ET motivated for reasons that are totally unbeknownst to us and in fact, happening before our very eyes by “slight of hand” if you will. If that is her position than yes, I agree with Ms. waters 100%. I’ll soon explain why. I hope my readers will stay with me because some of what I would like to share gets rather spooky.

I was having much conflict about what category to place this article in as the subject matter is primarily spiritual and religious in nature and has more to do with the ancient Sanskrit texts of India known as the “Vedas” which I have scrutinizingly imbibed for the past 26 years. Thus I would like to direct readers to the “meditation and spirituality” category if they so wish to read my conclusions and thoughts as well as how this all ties into the alien/abduction phenomena and how this may or may not directly relate to Nigel Kerner’s interesting perspectives, especially his use of the words “Godverse” and “Godhead.”