Rectangular UFO Reports Pour in from Coast to Coast

Scanning various reports from the Mutual UFO Network in the past few hours it appears that a rectangular shaped object has been spotted by several witnesses that seems very similar from incident to incident.  And while each account differs some, the idea of seeing a rectangular UFO alone deviates from the norm.  The witnesses have reported strange phenomena even accompanying their sightings and psychic messages from this mysterious craft of religious significance.  And then things get strange.

The events seem to have started some time around the eighth of January on the West coast and began with one witness spotting a strange distant object like a light in the distance hovering over their house as they drove down the highway at close to 6:00 as they drove through rural Arizona.  As they reached their house the object was more clearly visible and looked like a rectangle hovering in the sky directly above their house.  Shortly after that the object disappeared.

Troubled, but not shaken by the incident that night the witness reports having a dream that seemed significant to them.  In the dream they reported seeing a massive kite flying in the sky in front of several witnesses and the words “Jesus is coming” telepathically being communicated to them from an unknown source, presumably the kite.  The fact that the kite had a similar shape to this mysterious object they observed above their house is certainly not a matter that can be overlooked, but obviously a dream isn’t inherently a paranormal incident on its own.  But when the witness awoke, they reported feeling a sense that the dream was very significant.

In Oklahoma City, on the same day a witness reports seeing a strange object hovering in the distance once again in the shape of a rectangle, but this one seemed to be shifting shapes in the sky before shooting off into the distance faster than they could track with their eye.  Once again the object in this case appeared to have a rectangular shape drawing a common thread between the several sightings that took place that night.

In Manheim, PA a witness reported seeing four lights hovering near an elementary school and then suddenly dropping from the sky and filling the vehicle the witnesses were in with light before the four lights changed formation and “slithered” off into the night like a snake after spinning faster than the witnesses had ever seen.  Clearly terrified, the witness was unsure of what to make of the incident but reports that the occupants of the car were not the only people present during the incident.

Generally unidentified flying objects are attributed as having triangular, disc-like, or cigar shaped characteristics.  And while it’s not unheard of to have an object such as this be reported by witnesses, it’s strange to see so many seemingly corroborating one another from coast to coast.  Was it just a series of coincidences?  Or is there something new visiting the skies over the US tonight?