Report: Mass UFO Abduction in Ely Nevada

A report has just been released depicting a strange encounter had by a family in Ely Nevada in 1990. The events depicted in the report seem troubling to say the least, and clearly paint the picture of an unexplainable and somehow strangely sinister bigger picture. What was happening in the night over Ely? This chilling story leaves far more questions than answers.

Traveling through the Nevada desert, the witness (whose name shall remain anonymous) provides little back story and gets straight to the point. As the witness drove with her brother down the Nevada highway, they found what they thought was another car behind them, but soon turned out to be something else entirely. The one light behind them soon broke up into three separate lights and broke up into the sky before disappearing out of sight. As the witnesses continued to drive down the street, they came eventually upon another vehicle which was idling beneath the unidentified craft. The craft then reportedly turned on a beam of light which lifted the car off the ground, at which point the car’s beams along with the craft itself turned off all lights. Strangely, the witnesses were egged on more than terrified by their experience as they saw the vehicle lift up into the air and its occupants seemingly vanish with.

As the two explored more eventually they claim to have stumbled upon a group of five or six cars that had either driven or been moved to a field. As they investigated they discovered that at least two of the cars had unconscious people in them. As they continued investigating they discovered a larger ship drifting around up over a hill. As they followed it, it suddenly shot away in such a way that they mistook a farmhouse with lights for the object itself. The duo then came to the realization that the craft had tricked them. Then, suddenly their memory fades and the report seems to jump suddenly to them both sitting in front of their car while three human-like beings walked silhouetted from a bright light toward them.

The creatures were apparently six to six and a half feet tall as they hovered backwards, rather than walking away from them into the light behind them. Neither witness remembered anything of the events leading up to the beings hovering away from them.

What are we to make of this story? There is no accompanying evidence to support it, and we must depend primarily on the testimony itself. If it was true, however, it could have been one of the most bizarre incidents involving mass abduction in the past twenty years. And if this story seems a little fantastic, it should be noted that there were several UFO sightings reported around the area at the time, and another high profile close encounter of the third kind with a surprisingly similar feel to it less than 100 miles away and only ten days later. Given the dramatic nature of both encounters, it seems unlikely that such incredible stories so close together could be mere coincidence. Of course until more evidence arises from these encounters there will be no way to confirm their extraterrestrial nature.