Report: Three Objects Approaching Earth

Craig Kasnov of the SETI program has come forward with a disturbing find.  His team of scientists have discovered several objects through space quickly approaching Earth.  The expected arrival date of these strange objects?  Mid to late December of 2012.  Of course December 21st 2012 is the date expected for the Mayan Calendar to end.  And if those suggesting big events on this date are to be believed, this may be the revelation they have been waiting for.  And the disc shaped objects are expected to be some of the most massive UFOs to enter our solar system.  At least that’s how one version of this highly contentious subject goes.

The other version is even stranger.  Craig Kasnov, according to many theorists does not in fact even exist.  An excellent point made by ParaNikki of Paranormal Utopia suggests that objects approximately twelve kilometers in diameter (as reported by the original article posted to the news sharing site, Examiner) would not be visible to telescopes today.  The objects would in fact be far too small if they were moving toward Earth from the edge of the solar system and only a few miles in diameter.  Furthermore, it seems strange that the scientist discovering these objects could not then chart their trajectory based on simple photographs and come to an accurate estimation on when or even if they would be arriving on Earth.  The arrival of any object twelve kilometers in diameter would be a tremendous deal to NASA who attempts to chart all potentially hazardous objects that have even a slim chance of hitting Earth.  If the objects were somehow approaching our planet, they would certainly be covered extensively through the complex process of learning actual trajectories of objects and making predictions based on that data.  Long term, objects don’t simply wander in and have a very good chance of striking Earth no matter what their size.  More often than not the objects that strike Earth have been having near misses for a number of years.  Altogether this paints a fairly specific and unlikely picture that Kasnov may not have actually made the prediction attributed to him.  If this were the case, then where did it come from originally, and who made the prediction?

It has been no small matter tracking down stories that are proven false to their origin, and it’s just as difficult to make a believable case exposing them when these stories cannot be properly proven either way.  However, in the case of the three objects, it appears the rumor came about as the result of an extensive game of telephone running through the blogosphere.  Ideas surrounding 2012 are notorious in the search for the truth once it hits the blogosphere.  And though these stories are not always false or misleading, there do seem to be quite a few with the numbers 2012 that seem to be related to an overzealous game of telephone or even an outright hoax.  Which is it in this case?  We may never know.