Reports of UFOs Over Egypt

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With UFO sightings worldwide a subject of constant scrutiny by believers and skeptics alike a recent report of UFO sightings above Cairo during a time of what some are calling a revolution in progress has some wondering if they are coming now because it is a time of massive change worldwide.  In the chaotic atmosphere of the slew of reports coming out of Egypt it’s sometimes difficult to separate the factual from the fictional, but if previous world events are any indicator, the skies above Egypt tonight could be filled with mysterious craft of both explainable origin and the other kind.

But then when looking for the sources of this UFO material, it becomes immediately apparent that whatever source they came through apparently was intercepted and snatched up by a few news outlets as confirmed, but then left at that.  As with so many major world events it’s difficult to find sources for the actual UFOs themselves.  One article from Huliq reports that there have been several confirmed UFO sightings, but it’s difficult to find where these confirmed sightings can be seen or read in a report format.  Of course just because it’s difficult to find at the moment doesn’t mean it’s not somewhere in a locked file cabinet waiting for imminent release.

Other sources have cited UFO sightings in passing, but once again remains elusive as the material is wrapped up as evidence of a coming alien invasion from sources in forums worldwide.  Anyone can post anything in a forum – so they’re difficult to credibly use as a source.

Perhaps one piece of evidence suggesting a UFO connection is the fact that one of the largest UFO disclosure summits in years is happening in Saudi Arabia where several big names in UFOlogy are meeting with top business executives to conduct talks regarding the future of UFOlogy.  Speakers there included Stanton Friedman and Zaghloul El Naggar, an Egyptian scholar and chairman of the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs.  And they weren’t alone when it comes to big names.  Also present were Andy Bird, chairman of Walt Disney International; Google’s senior vice president of corporate development, David Drummond; Michio Kaku, and Ali Bin Ibrahim Al Naimi, the Saudi minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources.  The meeting took place at the Fifth Annual Global Competitiveness Forum in Saudi Arabia.  Tangential, perhaps, but it paints an interesting picture: during massive revolution in Egypt and scattered reports of UFOs in the sky above protesters there is a meeting of some of the world’s greatest minds in Saudi Arabia discussing alien visitation behind closed doors.  And while the meeting is by no means secret, it will be interesting to note just what conclusions were drawn during the summit.

And if UFOs were spotted above Egypt during the revolution, it would certainly not be the first time it happened during a major global event.  In 2001 UFOs were spotted near the World Trade Center Towers hovering in the distance both by viewers and caught on camera.  The same strange objects were reported above Washington DC during the Cuban Missile Crisis, revolutions over Venezuela, and at several points during the Iraq conflict.  But what are they?