Retired Canadian Defence Minister: 20% of Alien Sightings Genuine

The latest of the long list of public and military officials who have come forward saying they genuinely believe in an extraterrestrial presence on our planet comes this time from Canada.  Former Defence Minister Paul Hellyers looked into the facts and came to a startling conclusion.  He outlines a scenario with shockingly similar claims as others, but with one catch.  The US is developing weapons to fight back.

The man is the longest serving member of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada, and when this man says he’s seen a lot of strange stuff during the course of his career he really means it.  He’s seen reports from everywhere and from every type of position in the government.  And while he says 80 percent of the incidents reported were likely nothing more than a misidentified natural phenomenon, he says the remaining 20 percent are enough evidence to warrant the subject be taken a lot more seriously.

And Hellyer told AOL news that he has seen them personally as well, even watching one for 20 minutes.  With the incredible evidence mounting elsewhere, yet another voice added to the chorus definitely suggests a clear presence on our planet of unknown origin.

But what are they?  Well the official story has taken a very unofficial turn.  In recent months military officials may now finally feel more comfortable talking about extraterrestrials as cultural understanding of the phenomenon shifts.  And though there are still several things we will likely have to understand before these objects become mainstream, some analysts are saying disclosure in the way we’ve been wanting actually happened years ago.  Even if the official story doesn’t recognize UFOs, enough people have come forward saying they believe in them that we’re forced to ask ourselves what we’re truly looking for out of disclosure.  And the type of vindication the UFO community is seeking seems to have happened long ago through presidential addresses, military investigations, and then been deadlocked after that until this point.

Some have suggested no president would ever commit to the UFO idea because it would be political suicide.  But in fact several presidents, including Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton have suggested officially that there may be something more to this planet that we do not as yet understand.  And they’re certainly not alone.  An interesting poll from CNN released in 1997 suggests that some 80 percent of those polled believe the government is hiding information or knowledge of extraterrestrials.  This was up from the 54 percent that believed humans had been abducted by extraterrestrials.  So what does the percentage need to become before the alien phenomenon is labeled genuine?  That may be just as much of a mystery as the visitors themselves.