Retired Colonel: Disclosure Not Coming. It Happened Already.

In the UFO field there is an image that has perhaps in some ways outweighed the UFO phenomenon itself as we know it.  The president comes up on television and announces to the people of the world that he has been in close contact with extraterrestrials and they are indeed visiting Earth.  The planet has had contact with the beings for a long time.  Then a large saucer drops down and beings come off to address a tense world.  But one retired colonel recently revealed his findings as brought to us via an article from AOL News contributor Lee Speigel.  The colonel’s message?  UFO’s are real.  There is no cover-up.  Disclosure has happened.

And when John Alexander says UFOs are real, he doesn’t cite any dubious information, use clandestine sources that will not be named, or depend on interpreting evidence.  The sources cited are public disclosures by such high ranking public officials as Harry Truman, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and Mikhael Gorbachev, and a slew of retired military officials.  The cat is not only out of the bag, it’s been out of the bag for some time.

But hold on a second.  Where’s our presidential address?  Where’s the big dramatic end to the speculation and our new world filled with vindication and alien interaction?  Why does it feel like we’re still in the dark?  According to Alexander, the UFO community and the government have something in common.  We’re both grappling with a mystery that quite simply cannot be explained.

So in the spirit of boundless speculation, let’s take a look at some of the developments this scenario implies and look at how the UFO community could have possibly come to be the one we all know and love today.  And as with so many things it seems the mystery that became a clandestine conspiracy had some help along the way.

First, in the wake of World War II with the future (believe it or not) even more uncertain than it is today, there was a great deal of secrecy as military secrets and developments were divided up and kept from enemy agents and governments.  The atomic bomb had just been developed (perhaps not coincidentally) just years before effectively ending the greatest conflict the world had ever known.  And yet a holdover from the war had still not been resolved.  What were these mysterious foo fighters?  What had hovered above Los Angeles during war time?  And why were people suddenly talking about seeing flying saucers all over?  The simplest thing would have been to just come out and admit something strange was going on in the skies.  And so they did just that.  Without committing to any specific scenarios the military officially decided to investigate the flying saucers in the form of Project Blue Book.  12,618 investigations later they concluded whatever these objects were, they were not a threat to national security.  They furthermore abstained from claiming the objects were of extraterrestrial origin – possibly smelling a hoax perpetrated by the Russians.  Unfortunately, if it was a trick from the Russians it was being played over their home turf as well.

So this opens up a whole new and perhaps somehow even more terrifying scenario, even if it does have a classical feel to it.  Given the amount of evidence suggesting something incredibly bizarre and possibly extraterrestrial is going on in our skies, how difficult would it be to imagine the governments of the world are just as in the dark as we are about it?  What if there were no men in dark suits and sunglasses keeping things in order?  What if the entire matter was completely out of human hands?

Of course having said that there are several UFOlogists who have uncovered strange evidence suggesting aliens are interacting with the world’s governments under a veil of secrecy.  In the end it’s easy to dismiss either side of the argument.  And it may take that presidential address to prove once and for all not only that aliens are real, but the government’s relationship with them – whether there is one or not.