Revisiting Roswell’s Official Story

Of course the official story of the Roswell Incident being a weather balloon or a similar device designed to study nuclear tests is the official declassified story set out by the government to debunk the Roswell Alien theory.  It has been found by many to be severely lacking in its credibility, and a poll conducted 50 years after the Roswell Incident by CNN suggested that 2/3rds of respondents thought that a UFO had crashed in the desert of New Mexico – illustrating just how wide the gap was between the official story and what people believe.  But the official story may have in itself been part of a very important disinformation campaign at the time even if something of Earthly origin had crashed.

It was 1947, and the world was gearing up for another major world conflict.  At the time the prevailing sentiment was that World War III could once again break out with very little warning once the secrets of the Atomic Bomb got out.  And of course that’s precisely when the secrets of the Atom Bomb found itself in an increasing number of scientists’ hands.  The Cold War was already brewing by 1947 as the Soviet Union, formerly the ally to the United States, was grabbing up secrets and using them to break the monopoly the US had on atomic secrets – and employing an army of spies to do so.

So with the cold war brewing and threatening to eventually turn hot, the US military may have inadvertently stumbled upon an incredible boon when one of its own experimental devices crashed on a farm Near Roswell New Mexico.  After inadvertently leaking that the craft had been one of the Flying Saucers everyone had been talking about at the time, it may have been that an intelligence officer looked at the information and decided it would be advantageous to leave the story somewhat ambiguous.  At the time everyone would believe the official story in the patriotic culture of 47, but at some future date it may be advantageous to reconsider this story and call into question whether the United States had somehow made an ally far more powerful than any found on Earth.

And in the 1970’s that’s precisely what happened – once again raising questions about whether or not a cove up may have taken place.  Suddenly the government would be far more free to test vehicles that were years in advance of anything otherwise seen by the rest of the world.  All unusual technology could simply be blamed on the resurgence of aliens.  Additionally, the boogeyman of extraterrestrials could be blamed for a number of things – anything, in fact, that needed covering up.  And as a political option, the rest of the world could be convinced that there was indeed a possible alien presence on Earth.  Even if it was never confirmed, this could work wonders as it did when Reagan suggested in his famous speech to Gorbechov, “I often wonder how quickly our differences would vanish if we were to face some alien threat.”  A speech that did, in fact, help end the Cold War.