Richard Hoagland and His Life On Mars Beliefs


Richard C. Hoagland held a pressconference in Washington D.C. at the National Press Club on Mars 21st. Once again Hoagland presented what he belives is – proof of prehistoric civilizations on the Moon and Mars.

The event attract big media-attention and the reaction was very divided among the 60 journalists that was present.

Washington Post wrote in it’s usual sinister way:

‘Scientists’ Say There’s More on the Moon Than Meets the Eye.

(*Picture: Shard and part of the glass-dome on the Moon)

( mars 22, 1996)
WASHINGTON – The man who sought to convince the world there was a human-like face peering at us from Mars now is trying to show that someone, sometime, left “a glass dome” and other huge structures on the moon. What’s more, says Richard C. Hoagland, NASA knew it from photographs taken by Apollo astronauts and has been hiding the fact for nearly three decades. In the photos, Hoagland sees “a Grecian Temple,” looping cables, a large blob of glass and a 1 1/2-mile high formation he calls a “shard.” NASA’s responds, “- It’s not true.” And Alan Bean of Apollo 12 said he didn’t see any kind of structure on the moon, although he wished he did. “- We wanted to see those things. We wanted to find something like that because it would be so wonderful to find it.”

Hoagland, a science writer who served as a CBS News consultant during the Apolly missions, labeled his latest effort the Enterprise Mission, borrowing some credibility from “Star Trek.” (“To boldly go where maybe someone has gone before,” he said.) His researchers include, for the most part, fans of his book “The Monuments of Mars” — whose findings NASA researchers and others, including Carl Sagan, have shown to be specious. (“There is a capacity for self-delusion,” Sagan began explaining yesterday in his trademark cadence.)

One of Hoagland’s investigators is Ken Johnston, an engineer who did contract work for NASA and examined photographs at the Lunar Receiving Lab in Houston. Johnston told Reporters he believes that aliens once used the moon as an observation post to watch civilization evolve on Earth. He claims he was ordered to destroy negatives at the Johnson Space Center — but managed to save a set for posterity. (Evidently, the Conspiracy didn’t quite do its job.)

“We’re ready to tell the nation and the world,” Johnston announced, “and let the evidence speak for itself.”

(*Picture: Structure of ancient ruins on the Moon according to Hoagland)

NASA scientists pointed out that the photos — some made by lunar orbiters, others shot by astronauts — have been in the public domain for decades, and, interestingly, no one else has discovered any alien-built crystalline palaces.

Hoagland said a “source” at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt leaked him a pristine negative from the Apolly 10 mission showed 1-1/2 mile high “shard” protruding from the surface. “I cannot explain a feature like that on the face of the moon,” Said Ronald Nicks, a geologist on Hoagland’s team.

“I see absolutely nothing like the so-called shard,” said Paul Lowman, a Goddard geologist and expert in orbital photography, after examining the frame cited at the news conference. “He’s seeing some sort of a [photo] processing defect.”

Lowman added: “Hoagland and people like him don’t seem to realize that NASA has been looking for extraterrestrial life for 35 years. … We are the last agency on Earth that would hide such a thing — we’d all like to be the one on our way to Stockholm to get the Nobel Prize.” (End article)

Hoagland described objects that he claimed could be seen on NASA’s official photographs, mostly shot by Apollo-astronauts, that varied from “Greek castles,” cables in a loop, a mile-long pile of glass and a 2,4 km high “shard”. To the unskilled observer the artifacts looks like big lumps with dirt on these photos, like their shot through a window.

NASA:s representant, Welch, says that NASA haven’t looked into this matter as they see it as “a waste of time”.

Hoaglands pressconference/lecture was 2 hours long and R.C.H. showed us, among other things, two photos of the “castle” that was taken by two different missions. This, according to R.C.H., is proof of their existence. R.C.H. also question NASA’s 10 different versions of the same photograph!!! (AS10-32-4822). He question why Apollo 14 took infrared film? On one of these pictures Hoagland claims there’s a battleship. On that 16mm film Apollo 14 took you can see 5-6 illuminated dots in a crater. This is, according to R.C.H., tarces of a base on the Moon.

Not much new in his allegations, some new mind-gobbling photos (if you look VERY CLOSE). But I think we will come back to the matter as I’m trying to locate Mr Hoagland for an interview in ‘NÄRKONTAKT’. If you want to have a closer look at these new photos – check out Hoaglands homepage.

Jörgen Westman

The Brookings Institute Report

As a complementary to the Hoagland Pressconference I’m here adding an article that appeared in New York Times on Decembere 15th 1960 that deals with The Brookings Institute Report, that Hoagland belives is the background to that NASA haven’t released, or don’t want to release (or perhaps don’t exist), the proof of a prehistoric civilization on Mars and the Moon. Here we go!


Washington. Dec 14 (UPI) — Discovery of life on other worlds could cause the earth’s civilization to collapse, a Federal report said today.

This warning was contained in a research report given to the National Aeronautical and Space Administration with the recommendation that the world prepare itself mentally for the eventuality.

The report, prepared by the Brookings Institution, said “while the discovery of intelligent life in other parts of the universe is not likely in the immediate future, it could nevertheless, happen at any time.”

Discovery of Intelligent beings on other planets could lead to an all-out effort by earth to contact them, or it could lead to sweeping changes or even the downfall of civilization, the report said.

Even on earth, it added, ” societies sure of their own place have disintegrated when confronted by a superior society, and others have survived even though changed.”

Responding to Crisis

“Clearly, the better we can come to understanding the factors involved in responding to such crisis the better prepared we may be.”

The agency’s 100-page report, prepared at a cost of $96,000 was for the space agency’s committee on beings-in-space studies. The members, headed by Donald M. Michael also recommended further study of other space activities, including the diplomatic and propaganda effects and the implications of communications and weather satellites.

On the question of life in outer space, the report said that if intelligent or semi-intelligent beings were discovered in the next twenty years they would probably be found by radio communications with other solar systems.

Evidence of such existence “might also be found in artifacts left on the moon or other planets,” it said.

An attempt already has been made to contact outer space. Government scientist at Greenbank, West Virginia used radio astronomy in an effort to pick up signals that might have been beamed by intelligent beings. They concentrated on a star about fifteen light years away.

Signals were sent from Greenbank were of a kind that would show to anyone receiving on other planets that they were man-made and not natural phenomena.


(*Picture: The “lost” part from the Italian satellite that glows like a neonsign 300 km above the earth surface)

NASA is neglects the “eletrical forces” in our outer atmosphere and that it’s threatning the lives of the astronauts, says Richard C. Hoagland.
The latest example on this elektricity is the “cabel” that broke free from an Italian satellite on February 25th this year. It’s circling the earth and is pentrating the atmospheres gravitationfield with 20,000 km/hr. This makes it to generate power by the so called Faraday Generator Effect. As the earth also is a “gigantic generator” all the space is opposite to our gravitattionfield, this “cabel” acts like a “shortcercuit” 300 km the earths surface. The effect is that the cabel glows like a neonsign. This phenomena is neglected by the NASA, and the austronauts that gets in contact with artifacts like this is risking to die from the electrical shock.

source: http://www.ufo.se/ufofiles/english/issue_1/ukhoagl.html